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10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology
Conference Program

Preliminary Program as of September 18, 2002

Recording of presentations is not permitted

Note: Underline indicates 'speaker'     * indicates 'corresponding author'

Tutorial, Thursday, October 10
    Scientific Tutorial
    Basic Tutorial
    Welcome Reception
    Friday, Oct. 11
    Saturday, Oct. 12
    Sunday, Oct. 13

Thursday, October 10

7:30-9:00 AM Tutorial Registration Ballroom Foyer
8:00-9:00 AM Continental Breakfast Ballroom Foyer
8:45 AM Scientific Tutorial Baccarat
  8:45-9:00 AM Tutorial Introduction
Chris Gorman, North Carolina State University
  9:00-10:30 AM Nanoparticles, Synthesis, Structures and Potential Applications
Dan Feldheim, North Carolina State University
  10:30-11:00 AM Break  
  11:00 AM-12:30 PM Nano-Optical Materials and Nano-Optics
Larry Dalton, University of Washington
  12:30-2:00 PM Lunch Haverford
  2:00-3:30 PM The Theory of Molecular Electronics
Mark Ratner, Northwestern University
  3:30-4:00 PM Break  
  4:00-5:30 PM Experiments in Molecular Electronics and Molecular-Scale Sensing
Nongjian Tao, Arizona State University
  5:30-5:45 PM Closing Remarks, Christopher Gorman  
8:45 AM Basic Tutorial Lalique
  8:45-9:00 AM Tutorial Introduction
Ralph C. Merkle
Vice President, Technology Assessment, Foresight Institute; and Nanotechnology Theorist, Zyvex.
  9:00-10:30 AM What is Nanotechnology: Arranging Atoms and Creating Health and Wealth
Ralph C. Merkle
Vice President, Technology Assessment, Foresight Institute; and Nanotechnology Theorist, Zyvex.
  10:30-11:00 AM Break  
  11:00 AM-12:30 PM Nanotechnology in Perspective: History, Status and Prospects
K. Eric Drexler
Founder and Chairman of the Foresight Institute
  12:30-2:00 PM Lunch Waterford
  2:00-3:30 PM Near-Term Commercial Opportunities in Nanotechnology
Scott Mize
Co-founder, AngstroVision, Inc.
Chairman of the Advisory Board, Nanotechnology Opportunity Report
  3:30-4:00 PM Break  
  4:00-5:30 PM Nanotechnology Business Scenarios
Ed Niehaus
Business Consultant and Corporate Director,
Foresight Institute Advisor
  5:30-5:45 PM Closing Remarks, Ralph C. Merkle  
10:00 AM Conference Registration opens Ballroom Foyer
5:45 PM Scientific Tutorial Ends  
5:45 PM Basic Tutorial Ends  
6:00 PM Welcome Reception Waterford

Friday, October 11

7:00 AM Conference Registration opens Ballroom Foyer
7:45 AM Continental Breakfast Ballroom Foyer
  Session 1 Crystal Ballroom
8:50 AM Susan Sinnott, Conference Chair, Introduction and Welcome
9:00 AM Keynote Speaker: Mildred S. Dresselhaus*
The Nanoscience of Nanotubes and Nanowires
10:10 AM Cees Dekker*
Carbon Nanotube Transistor-Based Logic Circuits
10:50 AM Break
  Session 2 Crystal Ballroom
11:10 AM Damian G. Allis and James T. Spencer*
The Design of Carbon Nanotube-Based Dative Structures from Supramolecular Principles
11:30 AM Jessica Koehne, Wendy Fan*, Chongwu Zhou, Geetha R. Dholakia, M. Meyyappan, and Jie Han
Synthesis of Transition Metal Containing Molecular Wires
11:50 AM Rodney Andrews*, D. Jacques, T. Rantell, D. Qian, J. Anthony, and D. Bom
Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis and Composite Applications
12:30 PM Lunch — Old Georgetown/Congressional & Cabinet/Judiciary
Optional lunch talk: Leon Radomsky and Richard Peet, Foley & Lardner (free of charge, but must register in advance)
Building a Solid Business and IP Foundation
1:00 PM Poster Presenters set-up Embassy/Chesapeake & Diplomat Ambassador
  Session 3 Crystal Ballroom
1:50 PM Larry Dalton*
Breaking the Bandwidth Bottleneck in Telecommunications & Information Processing: New Electro-Optic Materials
2:30 PM James Batteas*, Charles M. Drain, and George Flynn
Molecular Forces at Work: Designing Nanoscale Optoelectronic and Optomagnetic Materials and Device
2:50 PM Craig A. Grimes* and Elizabeth C. Dickey
Metal Oxide Nanoarchitectures for Environmental Sensing
3:30 PM Mark Ratner*, Alex Burin, and Geoffrey Hutchison
Optics, Transport and Devices: Some Theoretical Modeling
3:50 PM Break
  Session 4 Crystal Ballroom
4:10 PM Jon A. Zubieta*
Solid State Coordination Chemistry: Influences of Organic Components on the Structures of Inorganic Oxides
4:50 PM Hicham Fenniri*, Bo-Liang Deng, Jesus G. Moralez, Kathryn M. Gorman, and Karen Jemio-Bedregal
Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes with Predefined Chemical and Physical Properties
5:10 PM Panel: Venture Capital for Nanotechnology
Panel Chair: Ed Niehaus
Panelists: Bruce P. Mehlman, US Department of Commerce; Jennifer Fonstad, Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Alex Wong, Apax Partners; Robert Hemphill, Managing Director of Toucan Capital
6:00 PM End of Session
6-8 PM Poster Session Reception Meeting Room Foyer
6-10 PM Poster Session Embassy/Chesapeake & Diplomat/Ambassador
8-10 PM Senior Associate Reception Old Georgetown/Congressional

Saturday, October 12

7:00 AM Conference Registration Ballroom Foyer
7:30 AM Continental Breakfast Ballroom Foyer
  Session 5 Crystal Ballroom
8:20 AM Peixuan Guo*, Steve Hoeprich, Lisa Huang, Dan Shu, Songchuan Guo, and Angela Clark
Construction of Viral DNA-Packaging Nano-Motor of phi29
9:00 AM Willem A. Germishuizen*, Christoph Wälti, Rene Wirtz, Michael B. Johnston, Alexander G. Davies, Michael Pepper, and Anton P. J. Middelberg
Data Storage Using DNA
9:20 AM Nadrian C. Seeman*
Structural DNA Nanotechnology
10:00 AM Chris Dwyer*, Russell Taylor, Richard Superfine, Sean Washburn, and Dorothy Erie
Methodology for the DNA-Guided Self Assembly of Novel Computing Circuitry
10:20 AM Break
  Session 6 Crystal Ballroom
10:40 AM Josef Michl*
Artificial Surface-Mounted Molecular Rotors
11:20 AM Henry Hess*, John Clemmens, Robert Doot, Robert Tucker, and Viola Vogel
Piconewton-Forcemeter Assembled from Kinesin and Microtubules and Other Devices Based on Motor Proteins
11:40 PM M. Sinha, S. B. Qadri, and C.P. Singh*
Preparation and Applications of Nanoparticles of Ultra-Pure Hydroxyapatite
12:00 PM Lunch — Old Georgetown/Congressional & Cabinet/Judiciary
  Session 7 Crystal Ballroom
1:30 PM Nongjian Tao* and H.X. He
Electrochemical Gate-Controlled Discrete Conductance Switching in Polymer Wires
2:10 PM Charles M. Drain*
Self-Assembly and Self-Organization of Phototransistors
2:30 PM Federico Rosei*, Yoshitaka Naitoh, Ping Jiang, Andre Gourdon, Erik Laegsgaard, Ivan Stensgaard, Christian Joachim, and Flemming Besenbacher
Lander Molecules Acting as Nanomolds On Cu(110)
2:50 PM Gunjan Agarwal, Rajesh Naik, and Morley Stone*
Patterning of Nanoparticles and Peptides by Electric Field Assisted Dip-Pen Nanolithography
3:10 PM Break
  Session 8 Crystal Ballroom
3:30 PM Donald W. Brenner*, D.A. Areshkin, S. Adiga, J.D. Schall, K. Wang, S.L. Gregory, and Olga Shenderova
Virtual Molecular Design of Nanometer-Scale Flow Control Valves, Sensors and Devices
4:10 PM Eberhard Unger*, S. Behrens, K. Rahn, W. Habicht, K.J. Böhm, and E. Dinjus
Protein Assemblies as Templates for Nanoparticle Patterning
4:30 PM Judith A. Harrison*
Theoretical Investigation of Atomic-Scale Friction & Wear in Hydrocarbon-Containing Systems
5:10 PM Irena Zarudi, Zou Jin, and Liangchi Zhang*
Atomistic Structure Changes of Mono-Crystalline Silicon Subjected to Nano-Sliding and Nano-Indentation
5:30 PM End of Session
Posters must be removed from rooms
6:00 PM Feynman Prize Banquet
Neil Jacobstein, Chairman, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Ralph C. Merkle, VP Technology Assessment, Foresight Institute
Christine Peterson, President, Foresight Institute

Sunday, October 13

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast Ballroom Foyer
  Session 9 Crystal Ballroom
8:00 AM Ralph C. Merkle* and Robert A. Freitas
Theoretical Analysis of a Carbon-Carbon Dimer Placement Tool for Diamond Mechanosynthesis
8:20 AM Raymond F. Salemme*
Engineering Principles for Self-Assembling Macromolecular Assemblies
8:40 AM Grace Credo*, Drew Wassel, Stephan Kræmer, Ryan Fuierer, Andrew K. Boal, Vincent M. Rotello, Daniel L. Feldheim, and Christopher B. Gorman
Probing Current-Voltage Properties of Electroactive SAM-Based Molecular Junctions
9:00 AM Rafal Smigrodzki*
Light-Controlled DNA Synthesis – A Feasibility Study
9:20 AM Geetha Dholakia*, Wendy Fan, Jun Li, Jessica Koehne, Jie Han, and M. Meyyappan
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy of Conjugated Molecular Wires
9:40 AM Chad A. Mirkin*
Raman Encoded Nanoparticle Detection Systems
10:20 AM Break
  Session 10 Crystal Ballroom
10:40 AM Dan Feldheim*
Multifunctional Gold Nanoparticle for Biomolecule Detection and Intracellular Delivery
11:20 AM Martin Andersson*, Viveka Alfredsson, Per Kjellin, and Anders E.C. Palmqvist
Macroscopic Alignment of Silver Nanoparticles in Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Templates
11:40 AM Zengtao Liu, Gen Pei, Yumin Shen, and Edwin Kan*
Interaction Between CMOS Nonvolatile Charges and Molecules in Solution
12:00 PM Prashant Sawant, Xiang-Yang Liu*, Bing-Hung Chen, I. B. M. Noor, and Pramesti
Self-Assembly of Nanofibre Gelling Materials in Organogels
12:20 PM Lunch — Old Georgetown/Congressional & Cabinet/Judiciary
  Session 11 Crystal Ballroom
1:50 PM Rod Ruoff*
Nanotube and Nanowire Electromechanics
2:10 PM Hansoo Kim and Wolfgang Sigmund*
Modification of Carbon Nanotubes
2:30 PM Sarbajit Banerjee and Stanislaus Wong*
Chemical Functionalization Strategies for Carbon Nanotubes
2:50 PM Adam E. Cohen*, A. G. Davies, and A. P. J. Middelberg
Formation of Rings, Helices, and Kinks in Carbon Nanotubes
3:10 PM Jihua Gou, Zhiyong Liang, Chuck Zhang*, Ben Wang, and Leslie Kramer
Nanotube Bucky Paper-Epoxy Composites: Modeling, Fabrication and Characterization
3:30 PM Peter A. Burke*
Technique to Search for Luttinger Liquid Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes at GHz Frequencies
3:50 PM James Spencer, Syracuse University, 11th Conference Chair
Closing remarks



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