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Speaker Schedule

Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

Conference Schedule as of November 6, 1998

Thursday, November 12

Tutorial only during day; conference registration and reception in the evening

0008:00 AM    Tutorial Registration/Bagels and Coffee (Ballroom Foyer)
0009:00    Tutorial (Convention Center Ballroom B)
Note that the Tutorial is separate from the Conference
0009:00    Jan H. Hoh, Johns Hopkins University
0009:10    Donald W. Brenner, North Carolina State University
"Analytic Potentials and Molecular Dynamics"
0010:20    Break
0010:50    James C. Ellenbogen, The MITRE Corporation
"Molecular Electronics"
0012:00    Lunch
0001:30 PM    Jason P. Cleveland, Digital Instruments Inc.
"Scanned Probe Microscopy"
0002:40    Break
0003:10    Joseph Zasadzinsky, UC, Santa Barbara
"Self-assembly in Langmuir-Blodgett Films"
0004:20    Ralph Merkle, Xerox PARC

0007:00 PM    Conference Registration (Magnolia Room Foyer)
0008:00    Conference Welcoming Reception (Magnolia Room)

Friday, November 13, 1998

0007:30 AM    Registration (Ballroom Foyer)
0008:00    Bagels and coffee (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning I    Session Chair: Al Globus (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0008:45    Al Globus (Opening Remarks)
0009:00    Steven Chu (Keynote), Stanford University
"The Manipulation of Atoms and Bio-Molecules by Laser Light"
0010:00    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning II    Session Chair: Deepak Srivastava (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0010:30    Steven Block, Princeton University
"Using Optical Tweezers to Study Biological Motors"
0011:15    Feynman Prize Presentation
0012:00    Lunch (Santa Clara Ballroom)
0012:05    (Lunch Speaker) - Gradimir Georgevich, NIST
"Advanced Technology Program Funding Announcement"
0012:15    (Lunch Speaker) - K. Eric Drexler, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
"Molecular Manufacturing and Technology Policy: Reframing the Big Issues"
Afternoon I    NSF Forum Session I Chairs: Mike Roco and Ilhan Aksay (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0001:30 PM    Herb Goronkin, Motorola Corporation
"From Discoveries to Novel Nanodevices"
0002:00    Joseph Ballyntyne, Cornell University
"Nanoscience Research at the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility and its Technological Relevance"
0002:30    Meyya Meyyappan, NASA Ames, Carl Kukkonen, JPL
"Nanotechnolgy at NASA"
0003:00    Hiroshi Komiyama, University of Tokyo
"Dynamic Behavior of Nanoparticles in the Initial Stage of Sputtering"
0003:30    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Afternoon II    NSF Forum Session II Chairs: Mike Roco and Ilhan Aksay (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0004:00    James S. Murday, Naval Research Laboratory
"Nanostructures - from Science to Technology: Three DOD Case Studies"
0004:30    Ilhan A. Aksay, Princeton University
"Nano and Microscale Patterning of Organic/Inorganic Functional Composites"
0005:00    Robert Tampe, Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry
"Self-Assembly & Protein-Engineering - Molecular Organization of Biomolecules in Two-Dimensions"
0005:30    John Mendel, Douglas Bugner, Eastman Kodak
"Nanotechnology from Concept to Commercialization: Particle Generation and Inkjet Systems"
0006:00    Closing Remarks
0006:30 to
   Evening Poster Session (Convention Center Ballroom D)
(Refreshments and drinks provided - $20 admission if not registered)

Saturday November 14, 1998

0008:00 AM    Bagels and coffee (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning I    Fullerenes and Nanotubes Session Chair: Ralph Merkle (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0008:30    Deepak Srivastava, MRJ, NASA Ames
"CxByNz Nanotube Based Molecular Electro-Mechanical System Components"
0009:00    Sumio Iijima, NEC Corporation
"Growth of Curved Graphenes"
0009:45    Ching-Hwa Kiang, University of California, Los Angeles
"Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: From Discovery to Application"
0010:10    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning II    Nanotube Electronics Session Chair: Deepak Srivastava (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0010:40    Cees Dekker, Delft University of Technology
"Carbon nanotubes as Molecular Quantum Wires"
0011:25    Donald Brenner, North Carolina State University
"Predictions of Structural, Electronic and Electrical Properties of Strained Fullerene Nanotubules: Implications for Nanoscale Device Design"
0011:50    Min Feng Yu, Washington University at St. Louis
"Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes Using Scanning Probe Microscopes"
0012:15 PM    Boris I. Yakobson, North Carolina State Univeristy
"Symmetry-Dependent Strength of Carbon Nanotubes"
0012:40    Lunch (Santa Clara Ballroom)
0012:50    (Lunch Speaker) - Claudio Nicolini, University of Genova
"A Globalized Research Effort on Nanotechnology at the Frontier of Electronics and Biotechnology"
Afternoon I    Molecular Electronics Session Chair: Al Globus (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0002:10    Mark Reed, Yale University
"Molecular Scale Electronic Devices and Systems"
0002:55    Massimiliano Di Ventra, Vanderbilt University
"Ab-Initio Simulation of Molecular Devices"
0003:20    James C. Ellenbogen, The MITRE Corporation
"Architectures for Molecular Electronic Computer Logic"
0003:45    Eldon Emberly, Simon Fraser University
"Electrical Conductance of Molecular Wires"
0004:10    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Afternoon II    Atomic/Bio Electronics Session Chair: Jan Hoh (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0004:40    Toshishige Yamada, MRJ at NASA Ames
"Substrate Effects on Electronic Properties of Adatom Chains"
0005:05    Satyam Priyadarshy, University of Pittsburgh
"DNA a Nanowire: Reality or Myth"
0005:30    Keith Runge, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Electron Transport Along a Nanowire"
0005:55    Helen C. Taylor, King's College London
"Axonemal Dynein -- A Natural Molecular Motor"
0006:20    Session End
0006:30    Dinner on your own
0008:30 - 10:30    Senior Associate Reception
  • Cost for Senior Associates and one guest is $25 per person, payable in advance, or $30 at the door.
  • Cost for non-Senior Associates and additional guests is $50 per person. (Guests may choose to have their fees applied toward first-year Senior Associate dues.)

Sunday November 15, 1998

0008:00 AM    Bagels and coffee (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning I    Biotech/Biomotor Session Chair: Deepak Srivastava (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0008:30    Barry Robson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
"Pseudoproteins: Non-Protein Protein-like Machines"
0009:00    M. Reza Ghadiri, Scripps Research Institute
"Molecular Self-Assembly, Self-Organization, and Self-Replication"
0009:45    Carlo Montemagno, Cornell University
"Constructing Biological Motor Powered Nanomechanical Devices"
0010:10    Viola Vogel, University of Washington, Center for Nanotechnology
"Guiding Molecular Shuttles by Nanoscale Surface Topologies"
0010:35    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Morning II    Self-Assembly/DNA Session Chair: Ralph Merkle (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0011:00    Michael J. Heller, Nanogen
"Electric Field Assisted Self-Assembly of DNA Structures: A Potential Nanofabrication Technology"
0011:25    Wolfgang Fritzsche, Institute of Physical High Technology Jena
"Electrical Characterization of Nanowires Created by Metallization of a Biological Template"
0011:50    Mark Akeson, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Use of a Single Nanometer-Scale Pore to Rapidly Examine Individual DNA or RNA Strands"
00012:15 PM    Lunch (Poolside -weather permitting)
Afternoon I    Scanning Probe Session Chair: Jan Hoh (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0001:30    Tuan Vo-Dinh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Advanced Nanosensors and Nanoprobes"
0001:55    Fumiya Watanabe, Kyushu University
"Diamond Tip Arrays for Parallel Processing of Microelectromechanical Systems"
0002:20    Pavel Krecmer, University of Cambridge
"Polarized-Light Optical Actuation: A New Way to a Molecular Assembler"
0002:45    Santosh Devasia, University of Utah
"Optimal Tracking of Piezo-Based Nano-Positioners"
0003:10    Break (Ballroom Foyer)
Afternoon II    Architecture/Diamondoid Session Chair: Al Globus (Convention Center Ballroom A,B,C)
0003:35    Ralph Merkle, Xerox PARC
"Casing an Assembler"
0004:00    J. Storrs Hall, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
"Architectural Considerations for Self-Replicating Manufacturing Systems"
0004:25    Tahir Cagin, California Institute of Technology
" Simulation and Analysis of Experiments on Friction and Wear of Diamond: A Material for MEMS and NEMS Applications"
0004:50    Stephen Walch, ELORET at NASA Ames
"Computational Studies of the Interaction of H/H2 with Diamond and Silicon Surfaces"
0005:15    Session End
Closing Remarks



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