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nanoTX '06

Dallas, Texas

September 27-28, 2006
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, Texas

Inside-information disclosed under one roof at nanoTX '06 is cutting edge across all fields. The promise of Nanotechnology is now profoundly effecting everyone's future. "The future may become a wonderland of opportunity only for the minority among us who are affluent, mobile, and highly educated. And it may at the same time become a digital dark-age for the majority of citizens-the poor, the non-college educated, and the so-called unnecessary," writes David Kline in Wired magazine. The National Science Foundation reports that by 2015 nanotech will be a stampeding "$1Trillion industry." Not being on the cutting edge means falling behind. Whether yours is business, industry, techni/science or as individuals, such high-level knowledge is vital. "The way you manage and exchange information and the way you learn as a company-those are your only sustainable advantages," says Robert Shapiro, chairman of Monsanto. Come learn how it is all coming together during International Nanotechnology Week™ and nanoTX '06, where you belong.
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