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Nano and Bio in Society Conference 2006

Chicago, Illinois

NABIS Conference 2006
The Global Aspects of Nano and Biotechnology
The Impact of Science on Society
August 9-10, 2006
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois

Both nanotechnology and biotechnology are growth industries with vast potential to improve the human living condition. The lines between the two technologies are blurring, yet society is reluctant to embrace either technology. Why?

Scientists are in many ways the stewards of society's future. It is through their research, discoveries, and imagination that society is moving forward into new medical, biological, and technical frontiers. But society is also providing the means for research, and thus society has a right to ask how scientific discoveries will affect its future or improve the quality of life.

By exploring the global impact of nano and biotechnology on society, the multiple roles of scientists will be explored - as philosophers, as entrepreneurs, and as the stewards of our future. Scientists from around the world and from a wide variety of industries will discuss their research and how its applications will impact not only their local society but affect our world.

In attendance will be prominent scientists from around the world on the frontiers in nano and biotechnology research and product development; managers of companies involved in nano and biotechnology research, product development, and product sales; representatives from investment companies and government agencies; universities and regional enterprise agencies encouraging the growth of nano and biotechnology industry segments; and legal and financial advisers collaborating with scientists on emerging issues. Journalists will be reporting in detail on developing stories related to these emerging technologies.

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