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Nano-Net 2008: 3rd International Conference on Nano-Networks

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

September 15–17, 2008
Nano-Net 2008: 3rd International Conference on Nano-Networks
Sponsored by Create-Net, ICST, EU (IST-FET), ENIAC, STMicroelectronics
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Nanonets conference positions itself at the intersection of two worlds, namely, emerging nano-technologies on one-side, and network/communication theory on the other side. The standing question that this conference will address is: What are the new communication paradigms that derive from the transition from micro- to nano-scale devices? The related degrees of freedom and constraints associated with these new technologies will change our notions about efficient network and system design. Nano-Net provides a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion of new techniques in modeling, design, simulation, and fabrication of network and communication systems at the nano-scale.

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