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NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits 2009

Minneapolis MN USA

April 1-2, 2009
NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits 2009
What's Happening TODAY and Tomorrow!
Sheraton Bloomington Hotel S, Minneapolis MN USA

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Looking to understand what nanotechnology means for you? Need to understand how and why nanotechnology can improve your products, process and may even cut costs? Interested in learning about the latest applications and trends in top-down fabrication and bottom-up assembly techniques? Then this event is for you!

This conference will highlight the current, near-term, and future applications of nanotechnology and how they are transforming the way we manufacture products. Peer networking, information sharing, and technology exchange among the world's nanomanufacturing leaders will be a key feature of the event.


  • Learn about the latest nanotechnology applications and trends in top-down fabrication and bottom-up assembly;
  • Explore ways you can use nanotechnology to make your products; and
  • Network with experts and manufacturers from different industries including automotive, sensors, aerospace/defense, and coatings.

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