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Foresight Institute Breakthrough Technologies for Energy

Atomic Precision for Energy Generation, Transmission, and Use Reduction
May 20-22 2016 in Palo Alto, California

This will be a highly interactive and stimulating 2-1/2 day invitational meeting focused on long-term prospects for revolutionary advances in energy based on improved precision in our control of matter, and how to speed current research in that direction.

This will be a private, invitation-only event. For information about the earlier workshops in this series, see Foresight Institute's 2014 Workshop on Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy and Foresight Institute's 2015 Workshop on Atomic Precision for Medical Applications

Bench to Market: Idea Evaluation and Commercialization for Product-market Fit

Foresight co-sponsored Bench to Market: Idea Evaluation and Commercialization for Product-market Fit presented by the The Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneurship Program, June 25, 2015, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PDT) Berkeley, California.

Foresight Institute's 2015 Workshop on Atomic Precision for Medical Applications

May 29-31, 2015, in Palo Alto, California, USA
Video, white paper, participants, etc. …

Foresight Institute's 2014 Workshop on Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy

Sept. 5-7, 2014, in Palo Alto, California, USA
Video, white paper, participants, etc. …

B.R.AI.N.S salon on Human Biology and Freedom

April 16, 2014 April 16, 2014 San Francisco Bay area
Following up the B.R.AI.N.S Immortalist Audit held at the February 2014 Foresight Conference, the B.R.AI.N.S salon on Human Biology and Freedom capped a successful Crowdtilt community fundraising campaign to build a strategic alliance between B.R.AI.N.S., Berkeley BioLabs and Foresight Institute to build an opensource biological parts repository and design and distribute a line of “How-to Build Biological Machines” educational kits. The event is described in a Nanodot post Building biological molecular machines as an open source path to advanced nanotechnology.

17th Foresight Conference: "The Integration Conference"

February 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Conference Wrap-Up, including the B.R.AI.N.S Immortalist Audit …
Conference photos …
For further details on the conference, speakers, and events …

The 2013 Foresight Technical Conference: "Illuminating Atomic Precision"

January 11-13, 2013
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto, CA USA
2013 Foresight Technical Conference Follow-Up (with links to videos)
For further details on the conference, speakers, and events …

25th Anniversary Conference @ Google

June 25-26, 2011
Mountain View, California
25th Anniversary Reunion Conference Follow-Up (with links to videos)

Library of Foresight Institute Conferences on Nanotechnology, 1989–2015

Library of Foresight Vision Weekends and Senior Associates Gatherings, 1992–2011

Foresight Lectures

August 28-30, 2016 San Francisco, California
Singularity University Global Summit
Christine Peterson
Foresight Co-Founder Christine Peterson will speak on nanotechnology at the Singularity University Global Summit. SU Global Summit is the definitive gathering for those who understand the critical importance of exponential technologies, the impact they'll have on the future of humanity, and the disruption these technologies will cause across all industries. Other speakers include Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, and Melanie Swan; an unconference component is included as well.

Christine Peterson works to promote rapid and safe advances in the fields of nanotechnology, machine intelligence, human healthspan, space settlement, and open source. She is Co-founder of Foresight Institute, the leading public interest group focused on atomically-precise nanotechnology and its beneficial applications, particularly in energy and medicine. At Foresight, she organizes high-performance interactive workshops for researchers and directs the Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes in Nanotechnology, both aimed to advance scientific progress toward molecular machine systems. Christine advises the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, the National Space Society, and nanotech startup Ligandal Inc. She chairs the Personalized Life Extension Conference series focused on near-term techniques to extend human healthspan. She is credited with coining the term "open source software.' Her best-known quote: 'If you're looking ahead long-term, and what you see looks like science fiction, it might be wrong. But if it doesn't look like science fiction, it's definitely wrong.'

August 5-7, 2016 Berkeley, California
Effective Altruism Global 2016
Christine Peterson
Foresight Co-Founder Christine Peterson to speak on "High-Leverage Altruism" at the fourth annual conference of Effective Altruism, "a growing community based on using reason and evidence to improve the world as much as possible. This year, around 1000 attendees and over 50 speakers from around the world are expected to attend." Featured topics include "CRISPR: Can and should we use it to end malaria?", "How will philanthropy shape the development of breakthrough technologies?", "Can we end global poverty within a generation? How?", "Risks and benefit of advanced AI", and "Replacing meat, reducing suffering". EA Global 2016 is organized by the Effective Altruists of Berkeley in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Altruism. For more information on what Effective Altruism is, visit or

July 9, 2016 Oakland, California
BIL Oakland 2016 - The Recession Generation
How to Maximize Your Impact and Thrive in Uncertain Times
The purpose of this event is to help guide participants' altruistic desires into effective careers that not only provide a modicum of personal financial security but also a means for greatly improving the world. Experts will offer case studies and tailored career advice for those interested in pursuing many types of positive change.
Foresight Institute President Julia Bossmann will speak on AI, and Foresight Co-Founder Christine Peterson will speak on How to Make a Difference.

June 19, 2016 San Francisco, California
The Journey Talks
Foresight Institute President Julia Bossmann spoke on a future perspective on AI for non-technical people.

The Journey invites speakers to authentically share their stories of triumph, struggle, joy, pain, courage, failures, perseverance and passion on the path to following their dreams. Be part of the real and unfiltered journeys of founders, entrepreneurs and global shapers who help us connect to our larger purpose and opportunity to create, build and share ideas that matter.
The Journey provides a stage and stepping stone for these voices to be heard in preparation for a larger audience, media appearances and their greatest impact. This is not a pitch event or a showcase of companies. June 19, 2016 Journey from the head to the heart with:
Julia Bossmann is the president of Foresight Institute, a leading NGO on world-changing technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. JB holds a Masters degree with highest honors in brain & behavioral sciences at the University of Dusseldorf and neuroscience at USC. Her professional experience includes scientific research in labs in Germany and in the USA, management consulting at McKinsey & Company, technology R&D at Bosch Research and Technology, and entrepreneurship at Anticip8 and Synthetic. JB is a GSP alumna at Singularity University and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. She has spoken at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos and at TEDx on the coming machine intelligence revolution.

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