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$50,000 Challenge Grant deadline January 31

New donations to be doubled

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Thanks to a timely donation from the Internet Science Education Project, along with other generous donations from many Foresight members, we are happy to announce that the entire Winter 2002/2003 Challenge amount has been raised.


Dear Member of the Foresight Community,

Suddenly nanotechnology is getting continual attention—in the news, popular fiction, business meetings, and general conversation. It's seen as the "next big thing" and is expected to both create great new wealth and solve longstanding societal problems.

    "The nanotechnology buzz has turned into a flood of hype in the last year"    
    — San Jose Mercury News, 2002    

Foresight members deserve the credit for getting these concepts so widely accepted. For fifteen years we've hammered away at communicating three main ideas: (1) molecular nanotechnology is coming and it's powerful, (2) it will have huge benefits, and (3) it could be misused. All of these are now firmly entrenched and show up everywhere, from government reports to popular media.

Foresight is committed to maintaining its role as a thought leader, providing education on the responsible development of nanotechnology. We need your ongoing support, both social and financial, to continue our work advancing the Foresight Guidelines on Molecular Nanotechnology.

Foresight Guidelines

You may have seen that safety concerns are already being raised about nanomaterials. As molecular manufacturing draws closer, these concerns will be directed to potential accidents from this new area. And it's true: the future capabilities of molecular nanotechnology do indeed raise an unprecedented set of military, security, and environmental issues. To prepare for this, Foresight has drafted a set of safe development rules—the Foresight Guidelines—to enable researchers and companies to avoid risky development pathways.

We are launching an extensive educational outreach campaign to focus on the societal benefits of nanotechnology, acceptance of the Foresight Guidelines on Molecular Nanotechnology, and the responsible management of patents and commercial applications of nanotechnology. Never before has so much careful thought and action gone into preparing for a new technology before its arrival.

A challenge to us all: deadline January 31

Public awareness is good, and—with care—accidents look avoidable. Now we face the remaining tough goals:

Thanks to two generous Senior Associates who prefer to remain anonymous, Foresight Institute has a $50,000 Challenge Grant running through January 2003. This means that every new dollar you donate up to this total will be doubled.

    "We live in a century of the incredible"    
    — K. Eric Drexler    

We know that the economy is tight and portfolios are not as lush as they were a couple of years ago, but now is the time for your support to have the greatest impact. Every month we move molecular manufacturing forward saves both lives and habitat.

Please consider making a one-time donation, or renewing/upgrading your membership, by January 31 to qualify for doubling of your donation. You'll be making a huge difference to Foresight as we work for the safe and rapid development of molecular manufacturing.


Christine Peterson, President

Donation Form

Here's how to donate. Do it by Dec. 31 for a tax deduction in 2002, and by Jan. 31 to have your gift doubled by the Challenge Grant:


Foresight Institute
PO Box 61058
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
Voice: 650-917-1122
Fax: 650-917-1123

Follow our Progress

Total Challenge: $50,000
  Number of Donations Dollars
Dollars Earned
  Associate Fellow Colleague Friend
New Pledges 11 2 1   $7,000 * $7,000
Upgrades to N/A          
One-time Donations 64 $42,440 $42,440
Employer Matches 2 $560 $560
Totals as of Dec. 23, 2002 $830 $830
Dec. 31, 2002 $3,795 $3,795
Jan. 7, 2003 $6,380 $6,380
Jan. 14, 2003 $13,840 $13,840
Jan. 22, 2003 $14,315 $14,315
Jan. 29, 2003 $17,730 $17,730
Jan. 30, 2003 $18,540 $18,540
Jan. 31, 2003 $50,000 $50,000
Challenge Grant
Yet To Be Earned
Yet Needed

* Includes pre-payment of multiple year pledges



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