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Foresight Institute's 2015 Workshop on Atomic Precision for Medical Applications

May 29-31, 2015, in Palo Alto, California

About the Event:

This was a highly interactive and stimulating 2-1/2 day invitational meeting focused on long-term prospects for revolutionary advances in medical applications based on improved precision in our control of matter, and how to speed current research in that direction.

Wide-ranging thinkers, firmly grounded in a deep and broad understanding of current science will facilitate future research directions, encourage the formation of new multidisciplinary teams, and speed nanoscale advances in medical applications.

This was a private, invitation-only event.

Workshop White Paper

Foresight Institute's Workshop On Atomic Precision For Medical Applications


Atomic Precision for Medical Applications Workshop Video from Foresight Institute on Vimeo.

Workshop participants

Demir Akin, DVM, PhD, Deputy Director
Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, Stanford School of Medicine

Tural Aksel, PhD
The Douglas Lab, UCSF

Amanda Barnard, PhD, OCE Science Leader
Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory, CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering Australia

Aaron Becker, PhD
Swarm Robotics Lab, Harvard Medical School, University of Houston

Keith Brown, PhD
MIRKIN Research Group, Northwestern University

Tejal Desai, PhD
The Desai Lab, Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences School of Pharmacy, UCSF

Jennifer Dionne, PhD
The Dionne Group, Stanford University

Anne-Sophie Duwez, PhD
NanoChemistry & Molecular Systems, University of Liege

Martin Edelstein, PhD
Covalent / Biophiltre

Greg Fahy, FSC, FAAA, Vice President and CSO
21st Century Medicine, Southern California

Donglei (Emma) Fan
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Ouajdi Felfoul, PhD
Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Lab, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

Steven Fowkes, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
Nanopolymer Systems, San Francisco Bay Area

Rob Freitas
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, Palo Alto,

James Gimzewski, PhD, Distinguished Professor
Gimzewski Lab, UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

William Goddard, III, PhD
Materials and Process Simulation Center, California Institute of Technology

Si-Ping Han, PhD
Department of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

Huang, Possu, PhD
The Baker Laboratory, University of Washington

A.T. Charlie Johnson, PhD, Director
Nano/Bio Interface Center, Penn Arts & Sciences,

Nazila Kamaly, PhD, Instructor
Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Biomaterials, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital,

Mark Kline, PhD
X-Therma Inc., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Amy Lam, Graduate Student
Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

Alice Lay, PhD
The Dionne Group, Stanford University

Joseph Lyding, PhD
Lyding Research Group, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois,

Sylvain Martel, PhD, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Medical Nanorobotics
Professor and Director, Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal

Hareem Maune, PhD
IBM Almaden Research Center

Huan Meng, PhD
Department of Medicine, NanoMedicine Member, Johsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA

Ralph Merkle, PhD
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing; Nanotechnology Co-Chair, Singularity University,,

Stephanie Morris, PhD, Program Manager
NCI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research, NIH

Andre Nel, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
Chief, Division of NanoMedicine
Associated Director, California NanoSystems Institute.

Lizanne Nilewski, Graduate Student
James M. Tour Group, Department of Chemistry, Rice University

Aleksandr (Alex) Noy, PhD
Bionanoscience and Biotechnology Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Matthew “Oki” O’Connor, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, MitoSENS Lead, SENS Research Foundation

Gayle Pergamit
Covalent / Biophiltre

Kevin Perrott, Co-Founder
SENS Research Foundation

Benjamin Ricca, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar
Fletcher Lab, UC Berkeley

Mehmet Sarikaya, PhD
The Sarikaya Research Group, GEMSEC-Labs, An NSF-MRSEC, University of Washington

Christian Schafmeister, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Temple University

Milan Stojanovic, PhD, Associate Professor
Columbia Systems Biology, Columbia University

Ennio Tasciotti, PhD, Co-Chair
Department of NanoMedicine at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

Meni Wanunu, PhD
Wanunu Lab, Deptartment of Physics and Chemistry, Northeastern University

Andre Watson, Founder & CSO
Ligandal, Inc., San Francisco Bay Area

Xiaoxi Wei, PhD, CEO & Founder
X-THERMA Biomimetic Nanotech, San Francisco Bay Area,

Colin Zamecnik, PhD
The Desai Lab, UCSF

Alex Zettl, PhD
Zettl Research Group, UC Berkeley

Ronald Zuckermann, PhD, Senior Scientist
Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Yang Zhao, PhD
The Dionne Group, Stanford University,

Foresight Institute Atomic Precision for Medical Applications support workers

Miguel Aznar, Foresight Director of Education, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Julia Bossmann, Workshop Facilitator, Program Co-Developer

Delara Chizarii, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Travis Dirks, PhD, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Gayle Pergamit, Program Co-Developer

Tad Hogg, PhD, Workshop Report Writer, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Markus Krummenacker, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Andy Bot Lee, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Stephanie Malone, PhD, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Paul Melnyk, Foresight President, Workshop Oversight

Ralph Merkle, PhD, Master of Ceremonies, Feynman Prize Awards Event,,

Traci Parker, Logistics & Workshop Knowledge Worker

Christine Peterson, Foresight Co-Founder, Workshop Facilitator

Christine Sapyta, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Marcia Seidler, Logistics Coordinator

Max Sims, Workshop Knowledge Worker

Edwin Urey, Workshop Knowledge Worker

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Library of Foresight Vision Weekends and Senior Associates Gatherings, 1992–2011


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