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MNT and Medicine: Natural Fullerene-based Water-soluble Molecular Complexes from Shungite Rocks

Eduard Osipov*, a, Henrikas Kondrataviciusa, and Sergey E. Osipovb

aInternational Institute of Integral Endoecology
Vilnius 07186 LT Lithuania

bSatacunta Polytechnic Technology, Pori, Finland

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
1st Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology:
Research, Applications, and Policy


The present paper is devoted to the further investigation of natural fullerene-based water-soluble molecular complexes (NFWMC) of core-shell type, which take place during C60 fullerenes extraction from shungite (Sh) rocks using only water [1-3]. Sh are the black Precambrian rocks of Karelia (Russia) where the first natural occurrence of fullerenes was found.

As a historical paradox the first Russian water resort 'Marcial Waters' is situated on a thick Sh basis. Physicians did not pay attention to strange carbon in medical water. The resort has been functioning for 300 years and the diapason of Sh water medical properties is becoming wider. No negative after-actions have been observed at all times. As it comes to light now the unordinary medical properties are due to presence of NFWMC in water-Sh extracts. However their appearance and stability in medical water remain vague.

The checking experiments with some carbon composition objects: amorphous graphite, coal containing up to 1.5% sulfur, oil asphalt and various type of Sh confirmed that stable NFWMC are possible only from specific pretreated enriched carbon-rich Sh rocks [4-6], in which dispersion phase (fullerene-containing shungite carbon ~30 wt. %) is uniformly distributed among dispersion medium (silicates ~70 wt. %, from which ~80 wt. % is SiO2) in the form of nanoparticles. Moreover discovery of labile sulfur and CS2 synthesis during fullerene extraction from Sh treated only with water [3] was found the key factor in the possibility formation of NFWMC. Modeling experiments, spectroscopic evidence, mass spectrometric measurements, SEM and TEM (digital SEM and TEM < SELMI>, Sumy, UKRAINE) characterization confirm the presence of NFWMC of core-shell type. The tests of NFWMC biological activity showed that they are harmless and appeared to be very promising in the context of their biological and therapeutically applications. Especially, it concerns the expressed and positive effects of medicinal and preventive action of micro dozes of NFWMC at the active action on the skin and hair, make good influence on gums, scratches, burns and also on gynecological diseases and at the same time save the family from allergic diseases.

In this report the main aspects determining physical and chemical properties and optimum conditions for obtaining of the NFWMC will be discussed, and the basic mechanisms of their unusual biological activity will be examined. Finally, further investigation of NFWMC could be useful for explanation of many new mechanisms of biological action of natural fullerenes and their derivatives.


1. Osipov EV, Reznikov VA, Carbon, 2002; 40, Issue 6, p.961-5.
2. Osipov EV, Reznikov VA , Abraitiene A, Osipov SE. Natural fullerene-based self-assemblies. Extended abstracts, 10th annual conf. on molec. nanotech. Washington DC Bethesda (Maryland. USA): Foresight Institute, 2002; 33-34.
4. Osipov EV, Osipov SE, Certificate # 98-032, Vilnius, 1998.06.10. Lietuvos Respublika.
5. Osipov EV, Patent Russian Federation #2135258, 27.08.1999.
6. Osipov EV, Osipov SE, Patent Russian Federation #2191748, 10.05.2000.

*Corresponding Address:
Eduard Osipov
Nanotechnology Department, International Institute of Integral Endoecology
Musninku 5-9, Vilnius 07186 LT Lithuania
Phone: +370 65146634 Fax: +370 65242208

Foresight Activities > Foresight Conferences > The 1st Adv. Nanotech. Conf. > Abstracts

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