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Single precursor approach to AB2O4 nanorods using MCM-41 as a template

Chang G. Kim*, Kiwhan Sung, Taek-Mo Chung, and Yunsoo Kim

Advanced Materials Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology,

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology


The rational approach to prepare AB2O4 nanorods is described. The heterometallic single precursors were designed and synthesized to contain the AB2O4 moieties with reactive ligands of methyl and isopropoxide groups, resulting in the chemical formula [A{(μ-OiPr)2B(Me)2}2] 1. The precursors have been reacted in dry THF with surface silanol groups inside the pores of MCM. Then the intermediate was washed with water and dried to produce reactive hydroxyl groups. The incorporation of the precursors onto the inner walls of the template MCM resulted in the decrease of the pore sizes and surface areas of the AB2O4-containing MCM, compared to those of the support by the analyses of N2 adsorption.

This process, "Molecular Layer Growth" has been done several times to fill the pores with AB2O4. The products AB2O4 nanorods were obtained by calcining AB2O4-MCMs followed by dissolving SiO2 with HF or NaOH. The physical properties of AB2O4-MCMs and AB2O4 nanorods were characterized by XRD, TEM, and other analytical techniques. Molecular layer growth technique using single precursor could be used for the preparation of nanopipes, nanocomposites and alternative inorganic nanolayers.

Acknowledgment. The authors are grateful to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea for financial support.


  1. (a) Koh, W.; Ku, S.-J.; Kim,Y. Chem. Vap. Deposition 1998, 4, 192. (b) Kim, C. G.; Koh, W.; Ku, S.-J.; Nah, E. J.; Yu, K.-S.; Kim, Y. J. Phys. IV France 1999, Pr8-853. (c) Ku, S.-J. Ph.D. Thesis, Kyungpook National University, 1998.

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*Corresponding Address:
Chang G. Kim
Advanced Materials Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
P.O. Box 107, Yusong, Daejon 305-600 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF (SOUTH)
Phone: 82-42-860-7354 Fax: 82-42-861-4245


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