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The effect of nano-disperse iron on the biological parameters of fish

A.M. Prochorova, G.V. Pavlovb, Godwin A.C. Okpattah*, c, and A.V. Kaetanovichb

aRussian Academy of Sciences
bMoscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology
cThe Central Research Scientific Institute of Agrochemical Services,
Moscow 127550 RUSSIA

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology


The young of sturgeon and carp with average body weight of 6-15 g were used in our experiments. The fish received nano-disperse form iron together with feed from the calculation 0.7 mg / kg. of body weight. The fish were observed for a period of 60 days, within which the mortality rate and hematological values were studied. The efficacy of nano-dispersed form of iron during experimental alimentary anemia in fish was also studied.

An increase in erythropoesis by 23-27% was observed after 10 days. Young erythrocytes were mainly observed. The hemoglobin content increased by 12-13%. At the same time the rate of growth of carp and sturgeon rose by 30 and 24% respectively. The mortality rate of fish was observed to have reduced drastically by 80% in comparison with fish in the control groups. The results were similar to ones obtained after the prophylactic application of nano-disperse form of iron in commercial fish farms of carp and sturgeon.

After applying nano-disperse form of iron during experimental alimentary anemia in fish, it was observed that fish which did not received the preparation had polychromatic anemia with the prevalence of young forms of erythrocytes, which had low levels of hemoglobin content (45-45%). The group of fish which received the nano-disperse form of iron together with feed, had no signs of polychromatic anemia.

It can therefore be preliminary concluded from the results obtained that the application of nano-disperse form of iron acts as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent during alimentary anemia in carp and sturgeon.

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*Corresponding Address:
Godwin A.C. Okpattah
The Central Research Scientific Institute of Agrochemical Services
31a Prianishnikov street, Room 230, Moscow 127550 RUSSIA
Phone: 7 095 572 35 66 Fax: 7 095 976 1462


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