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A self-healing nanotech-based substitute for window glass

Leslie Rubinstein*

Renaissance Technologies,
Montreal, QC H4W 2G8 CANADA

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology


This presentation describes a design for a sort of 'self-healing' material that can be used to replace window glass in buildings and automobiles.

While much stronger than ordinary glass, it would come apart as a very fine powder, resulting in greater safety, while at the same time if it was broken or damaged in any way, the individual fragments of glass would be able to remerge with the remnants of the original pane and restore the integrity of the window. If a different shape of window were desired, a consideration for automobiles although not buildings, the new shape could be programmed into the material, which would then take on the new shape over time.

The material could be programmed to block or pass any EM frequency, thus allowing harmful ultraviolet to be blocked while other frequencies were allowed to pass, and could also be designed to allow infrared to pass, or, better yet, to be converted to visible light, or to amplify low levels of visible light, useful features for automobile windshields.

Another application for the same technology is its use in creating adaptive optics for vision correction as well as protective goggles, etc. While the technology as described cannot directly be used to form lenses for cameras, telescopes and other optical equipment, it can certainly be used for corrective eyeglass lenses. Moreover, the units will be able to determine the optical characteristics of the user's eyes at every point along the eye surface, and adapt its performance to fit those characteristics, dynamically adapting performance to suit the eye's characteristics at any moment. It will also, of course, allow the enhanced night vision and infrared vision as described above as an added feature for both convenience and safety.

We describe the principle, the design, practical problems to be overcome and their solutions.

*Corresponding Address:
Leslie Rubinstein
Renaissance Technologies
5713 Mcalear Ave, Montreal, QC H4W 2G8 CANADA
Phone: 514-488-7663 Fax: 514-488-3642


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