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QCA-based Effective Routing Mechanism for parallel computer and application in railways

Manu Shamsa* and Balpreet Ahluwalia

Electronics & Communication Engineering, SRMSCET, Bareilly, India,
Pilibhit, UP 262001 INDIA

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology


The revolutionary new technology, Nanotechnology is at our threshold and is bound to affect every sphere of our life. We have shown how this technology can help us overcome the bottlenecks of parallel computing. Quantum Logic can eliminate the latency caused in the data transfer and processor determination by complex routing algorithms, simultaneously avoiding deadlock without sacrificing the shortest path. The prominent property of QCA to duplicate their state to their adjacent cells has been exploited to innovate this novel routing mechanism. This can simply be accomplished by having buses, registers and buffers made of quantum dots. We implemented the Quantum dot based routing architecture by designing various Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) based digital circuits and gates dealt in the paper. In the proposed routing architecture each processor has the quantum dot based address register an accumulator register. The destination node (processor) bit address is loaded into the accumulator of the source node by imposing the polarization to the quantum dots in the QCA-based structure of the accumulator. Moreover, there are two Quantum Dot masking shields (fig. 1) following the accumulator output, to ensure highest level of accuracy, as explained in the paper.

Masking/Unmasking circuits get their inputs from the counter value and the output of the XOR of source address bits and the destination address bits. These two fields control the flow of information through quantum busses. The comparator circuit (QCA-based) involving processor at the nodes adjacent to the present node (here the source) compares the input bit signal transmitted from the adjacent node accumulator with their own corresponding node-address bit and the result is reported to the processor of the node. The destination address bit transmitted from the accumulator matches with one of the adjacent node's address bit and the quantum wire link is established with that particular node, and inter-processor communication takes place with exchange of information. Since this architecture involves the switching of the Quantum Dots, it reduces the latency caused in the inter-processor communication because it is amazingly fast. The design presented here also eliminates the need of processing the routing algorithms as in the QCA architecture there is a sort of virtual circuit established between the source and the accumulator as soon as the source accumulator is loaded with the destination address. It can be easily proved the virtual circuit established happens to be the shortest route for the inter-processor communication. Thus all these factors combined give the Quantum routing parallel computer architecture a formidable speed with unmatched performance and accuracy.

We have also proposed Railway Accident Prevention System that takes Nanotechnology to directly to the common man. It utilizes one channel of the optical fiber network and bi-directional bow QC Lasers to give us a foolproof safety system. In this system, we have also proposed the design of the novel device quantum attenuators, which find use in utilizing the QC laser emission for minimum safe distance.

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