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Presenter Information for the
10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

    Abstracts of Conference Presentations    


Abstracts of Conference Presentations

All abstract submitters must complete the abstract submission form

There will be oral presentations and a poster session during the conference. The poster session will be held on Friday afternoon. On Saturday there will be additional time for viewing and discussion of the posters. For those who wish to present either a talk or a poster, abstracts are due June 15, 2002. Abstracts submitted after June 15 will not be considered. This year, abstracts will be required from all presenters, including invited speakers. The abstracts should be no less than 300 and no more than 500 words including references and footnotes. Each abstract may include only one illustration, in jpg or gif format, no larger than 250 x 250 pixels. Abstracts not in the appropriate format will be returned without being considered.

A Web form is available here to use to submit abstracts. If the abstract includes a graphic, the graphic should be submitted attached to a separate e-mail to

All abstracts from invited speakers, and contributed abstracts accepted for either oral or poster presentation, will all be made available on the Conference Web site.

Abstracts may be submitted using the web form as either plain text or formatted using standard HTML tags. Alternatively, or if special characters are required (symbols, Greek letters, etc.), the abstract can be sent as an email attachment to: Abstracts submitted as email attachments should be saved as either RTF (rich text format) or as Microsoft Word® documents. In the case of abstracts submitted by email, the web form must also be submitted to insure that all of the requested information is provided in standard form. The body of the email should state the abstract title and contact author information and indicate when the web form was completed. If the abstract body is submitted as an email attachment, the abstract text box on the web form should state that the abstract was submitted as an email attachment, and give the date the email was sent and the file type of the attachment.

Authors: Each abstract must have one and only one presenting author and one and only one corresponding author, who may be the same individual. In the case of multiple authors, the presenting author will be listed first, and the list of accepted abstracts will be alphabetized by the last name of the presenting author. The corresponding author will be designated by an asterisk in the list of authors, and if different from the presenting author, may be anywhere in the order of listing of multiple authors. The following contact information for the corresponding author will be listed on the Web abstract: street (postal) address, email address, home Web page url (of author or research group), phone and fax number. Authors not wishing specific information to appear on the Web should indicate clearly in a separate email to which information they do not wish to appear. Each abstract may have up to 8 authors, and the authors will be listed on the abstract in the order given on the Web form. For all authors except the corresponding author, only institutional affiliation (company, university or institution) is required. An email address or Web url is optional and will be linked to the author's name if supplied.


Poster Session

Poster size for the poster session is 4 feet x 4 feet [122 cm x 122 cm]



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