11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology
Conference Program

Preliminary Program as of October 6, 2003

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Note: Underline indicates "speaker"      * indicates "corresponding author"

Thursday, October 9

7:30 AM Tutorial Registration
Junior Ballroom Foyer
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
Junior Ballroom Foyer
9:00 AM Tutorial begins, Hicham Fenniri,Chair
Junior Ballroom
10:00 AM Conference Registration opens
Junior Ballroom Foyer
5:30 PM Tutorial end  
6:00 PM Conference Registration
Registration Counter
6:30 PM Welcome Reception
San Ramon
8:30 PM Registration closes  

Friday, October 10

7:00 AM Conference Registration
Conference Regisitration Counter
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
Grand Ballroom Foyer
  Session 1 James T. Spencer, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
8:50 AM James Spencer, 11th Conference Chair
Welcome and Introduction
9:00 AM Keynote: Frasier Stoddart*
Meccano on the NanoScale: A Blueprint for Making Some of the World's Tiniest Machines
10:10 AM Jing Guo and Mark Lundstrom*
Carbon Nanotube Electronics: Device Physics, Technology, & Applications
10:50 AM Break  
  Session 2 Christopher Gorman, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
11:10 AM Hicham Fenniri*
Organic Nanotubes with Tunable Dimensions and Properties
11:50 AM D. P. Long*, J. L. Lazorcik, and Ranganathan Shashidhar
Magnetic Entrapment of Carbon Nanotubes for the Fabrication of Electrically Conductive Bridging Structures
12:10 PM Lunch     Junior Ballroom
Optional Lunch Talks by Corporate Sponsors
Optional lunch talks open to all attendees (those not purchasing lunch may attend the talks)
(1) Steve Rutt, Foley & Lardner ; Bruce Kisliuk, U.S. Patent Office; Joe Fragala, NanoInk; Paul Thurk, InnovaLight
Nanotechnology, IP Wealth, and Patent Office Trends
Intellectual property (IP) is critical to the survival of many companies, particularly young nanotechnology companies, which seek to develop valuable patent portfolios as a basis for corporate value. The Patent Office increasingly must examine nanotechnology patent applications and, recently, has been willing to provide the public with its views on nanotechnology patent policies. The Patent Office wants to listen to the public. In the dot com era, the Patent Office was criticized for some of its patenting decisions, and there is a general hope that nanotechnology patents will be a boom to nanotechnology, not a basis for criticism. Both industry and government perspectives on cutting edge patent trends will emphasized, including a review of the PTO's nanotechnology patent perspectives.
(2) Denis Rice, Neil Smith & Duane Nash, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin
The Nanotech Entrepreneur: Legal Opportunities and Pitfalls
The major considerations in organizing and funding the nanotech business and in securing its rights to patents and other intellectual property.
(3) Eric Hannah, Intel Nano-scale Engineering: Extending & Expanding Moore's Law
This talk will discuss the roadmap and technologies for computing over the next ten years.
1:30 PM Poster presenters—Please set-up
Ballroom G-J
  Session 3 Hicham Fenniri, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
1:40 PM Seth Marder* and Joseph W. Perry
Two-Photon Materials Chemistry
2:20 PM Thomas Piok, Stefan Gamerith, Christoph Gadermaier, Franz P. Wenzl, Satish Patil, Rivelino Montenegro, Thomas Kietzke, Ullrich Scherf, Katharina Landfester, Dieter Neher & Emil J.W. List*
Organic Light Emitting Devices Fabricated from Semiconducting Nanospheres
2:40 PM M. Meyyappan*, Jie Han, Jun Li, and Jing Li
Nanostructure Engineered Molecular Electronic Sensors
3:00 PM Simon Dunne*, Lasse Nurkkala, and Robert Steen
Molecular Electronic Devices Based on Oligothiophene Architecture
3:20 PM Break  
  Session 4 Christopher Gorman, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
3:40 PM Marya Lieberman*
Molecular Quantum-dot Cellular Automata: Computation without Current
4:20 PM Alison Chaiken*, Gary Gibson, K. Nauka, C.C. Yang, B.-S. Yeh, R. Bicknell-Tassius, J. Chen, D.D. Lindig, S. Sivaramakrishnan, H. Liao, J. Jasinksi, and Z. Liliental-Weber
Ultrahigh Density Data Storage using Epitaxial Phase-Change Media Diodes
4:40 PM Robert A. Kaindl*, Daniel Haegele, Marc A. Carnahan, and Daniel S. Chemla
Contactless Terahertz Probes of Correlations and Dynamics in Low-Dimensional Electron-hole Gases
5:00 PM Panel: Venture Capital for Nanotechnology
Panel Chair: Ed Niehaus
Panelists: Steve Jurvetson, Alan Marty, Alex Wong, and Jim Von Ehr.
6-9:00 PM Poster Session & Reception
Grand Ballroom F
8-9 PM Foresight Institute Public Policy Forum
Grand Ballroom E
Foresight president Christine Peterson will recap her testimony at the U.S. House Science Committee's hearing on The Societal Implications of Nanotechnology, followed by a group discussion on health, environmental, and military impacts of molecular nanotechnology.

Saturday, October 11

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Registration  
  Session 5 James T. Spencer, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
9:00 AM Keynote: Tobin Marks*
Self-Assembly of Nanophotonic Materials and Device Structures
10:00 AM J.G. Lu*, D.W. Wang, C.J. Otten, and W.E. Buhro
Electrical Properties of Boron Nanowires
10:20 AM Xiangfeng Duan*
Semiconductor Nanowires: from Nanoelectronics to Macroelectronics
10:40 AM Break  
  Session 6 Hicham Fenniri, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
11:00 AM Susannah Scott*
Layer-by-Layer Construction of Metal Oxide and Nitride Thin Films by Non-Hydrolytic Condensation
11:40 AM Jacob Schmidt*
Development of Biomimetic Devices using Membrane Proteins
12:00 PM Nick Y. Shen, Zengtao Liu, Blake C. Jacquot, and Edwin C. Kan*
Integration of Silicon Vascular, Olfactory, and Gustatory Units: Charge-Based Actuation & Sensing
12:20 PM Gopikrishnan Soundararajan, Mahsa Rouhinizadeh, Hongyu Yu, E.S.Kim, and Tzung K. Hsiai*
Micro Sensors to Detect Shear Stress On Vascular Cells
12:40 PM Lunch     Junior Ballroom  
1:00 PM Please remove posters from Poster Room  
  Session 7 Christopher Gorman, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
2:00 PM Donald Tomalia*, Douglas R. Swanson, and Baohua Huang
Synthetic Control of Dendritic Nanostructures Both Within and Beyond Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers
2:40 PM Henrique E. Toma*, Andre L. B. Formiga, Marcelo Nakamura, Herbert Winnischofer, Ana F. Nogueira, and K. Araki
Nanostructured Films of Supramolecular Metal- Cluster Porphyrins
3:00 PM Gavin Merideth*, Hayley Wu, and Nancy Allbritton
Novel Chemical Strategy to Link Protein to DNA for Directed Molecular Assembly
3:20 PM Larry W. McLaughlin* and Kristen M. Stewart
Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Metal-Centered DNA Lattices
3:40 PM Break  
  Session 8 Hicham Fenniri, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
4:00 PM Jan Genzer*
Material templating through substrate-bound molecular and macromolecular gradients
4:40 PM Stefan Diez*, Cerasela Dinu, Cordula Reuther, Ralf Seidel, Joerg Optiz, Michael Mertig, Wolfgang Pompe, and Joe Howard
Manipulating DNA Molecules in Synthetic Environments by Motor Proteins & Microtubules
5:00 PM Mahsa Rouhanizadeh, Tao Tang, Chao Li, Gopikrishnan Soundararajan, Chongwu Zhou, and Tzung K. Hsiai*
Applying Indium Oxide Nanowires as Sensitive and Specific Redox Protein Sensors
6:30 PM Foresight Institute Feynman Prize Banquet
Junior Ballroom
9:00 PM Student Network Event      Santa Clara Room
Ralph Merkle roundtable with students

Sunday, October 12

  Session 9 James T. Spencer, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
9:00 AM Keynote: Feynman Prize Winner (Theory)  
9:30 AM Keynote: Feynman Prize Winner (Experimental)  
10:00 AM Luc Jaeger* and Arkadiusz Chworos
How to Play LEGO with RNA: Design of RNA Cellular Automata
10:20 AM Yanhong Hu, and Susan Sinnott*
Nanometer-Scale Engineering of Composites
11:00 AM Break  
  Session 10 Christopher Gorman, Session Chair
Grand Ballroom E
11:20 AM Richard T. Pomerantz, Michael Anikin, Jordanka Zlatanova, and William T. McAllister*
RNA Polymerase as an Information-Dependent Molecular Motor
11:40 AM Michael D. McGehee*, Kevin M. Coakley, Yuxiang Liu, and Chiatzun Goh
Infiltrating Semiconducting Polymers Into Self- Assembled Mesoporous Titania To Make Photovoltaic Cells
12:00 PM Jun Huang*, Weixing Lu, Hsian-Rong Tseng, Branden Brough, Amar Flood, Bi-Dan Yu, J. Fraser Stoddart, and Chih-Ming Ho
Molecular Shuttle Switching in Closely Packed Langmuir Films
12:20 PM James Spencer—Closing remarks  
12:30 PM Box Lunch (for those who purchased lunch plan)