Student Networking

At the 11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology


Are you a student of nanotech?

Since its inception, the Foresight Institute has promoted interdisciplinary dialogue as the best road to the development of nanotechnology. Its well-known efforts at nanotechnology — including the annual Foresight Institute conference, now in its 11th year — have been wildly successful. In the eclectic science that marches under the standard of ³nanotechnology,² no forum is more all-embracing, more driven toward progress, and, perhaps, more idealistic than the annual Foresight Institute conference.

Unsurprisingly, given its tremendous potential for development, nanotechnology is exciting the imaginations of younger scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in particular. The foundations of our future are being forged in the present. We are right to begin our involvement early.

This fall, for the first time in its history, the Foresight Institute conference will feature a special component for graduate and undergraduate students. In order to exchange ideas, share experiences, and make valuable contacts, student attendees will have the chance to participate in networking activities, including an evening gathering and a roundtable discussion with Ralph Merkle, where he will share his insights about embarking on a career in nanotechnology.

As an undergraduate attending my first Foresight conference, I was captivated by the sheer energy of the proceedings. The talks, the people, and the impassioned debates all exuded something about our future that was fantastically awe-inspiring. For students — the rising leaders of the coming nanotechnology revolution — participating in the Foresight conference is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the creative thrust of modern progress. Ultimately, if we are to lead tomorrow in science, we must lead today in ambition.

I look forward to meeting you in October.

Best regards,

Jordan Paul Amadio
Department of Physics
Princeton University
Class of 2005