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The Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

November 12-15, 1998 at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, CA

An intensive Tutorial on Critical Enabling Technologies for Nanotechnology was held on November 12.

Conference was held in conjunction with a special forum sponsored by the National Science Foundation

This page now serves as an archive for the 1998 conference.

The 1998 Conference Archive

Conference Co-chairs: Al Globus and Deepak Srivastava
MRJ Technology Solutions, Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center



The Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology will be held at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. The Conference will begin with a reception the evening of Thursday, November 12, and end Sunday, November 15, 1998. An intensive Tutorial on Critical Enabling Technologies for Nanotechnology will be held on November 12.

This 1998 Conference home page will provide the information you will need about the conference and to register for the conference. After the conference is over, this page will provide the permanent archive for the conference.

The url of this page is:


The 1997 conference (Nov. 6-8, 1997) provides an example of the activities and purposes of the Foresight conference series.

Download the Conference brochure in PDF format. Requires ACROBAT READER by ADOBE.

Topics Covered

This conference is a meeting of scientists and technologists working in fields leading toward molecular nanotechnology: thorough three-dimensional structural control of materials and devices at the molecular level. The conference will cover topics relevant to the pursuit of molecular control including:

NSF-Sponsored Forum

The National Science Foundation, which recently announced an initiative in nanotechnology, is sponsoring a forum in conjunction with the Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology: "From Scientific Discovery to the Nanotechnology of Tomorrow".


Abstracts of accepted presentations

Submission information:

Send extended abstracts (1-4 pages plus figures) to all three of the following addresses: foresight@foresight.org, globus@nas.nasa.gov, and deepak@nas.nasa.gov.

Extended abstracts 21 July 1998
Acceptance notices early August 1998
Full papers 15 October 1998
Text format HTML
Image formats JPEG, GIF
Video format MPEG

Authors are encouraged to include the data where practical. All accepted abstracts and papers will be permanently available on the WWW at www.foresight.org or the author's server.

More information on preparing abstracts and full papers


Foresight Institute and the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing

General Corporate Sponsor

Sun Microsystems

Founded in 1982 by four idealistic young pioneers with a shared vision of decentralized, heterogenous computing systems, Sun Microsystems, Inc. has emerged as a global Fortune 500 leader in enterprise network computing, with over $8 billion in revenues and operations in 150 countries.


Zyvex is the first research and development company focused on developing an assembler for molecular nanotechnology. Started in April 1997, and headquartered in Richardson Texas, the company has hired its initial researchers and is building a lab capable of the task it has set itself. In spite of being a small company, with less than $20M in funding, Zyvex plans to achieve its goal in less than 10 years.

Supporting Corporate Sponsors


AMP Incorporated (NYSE: AMP) is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic connectors and interconnection systems. Headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, AMP has 45,000 employees in 50 countries in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas and serves customers in these industries: automotive, aerospace, computer networking, power and utilities, telecommunications, industrial and consumer goods. AMP had sales of $5.47 billion in 1996.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is the world's second largest maker of autos and trucks, with other interests including plastics and electronics.


JEOL Inc. is the Japan-based maker of electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and other precision electronic equipment.

Information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, or please contact the Foresight Institute


Argonne National Laboratories
Caltech Materials and Process Simulation Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory NERSC
The MITRE Corporation
NASA Ames Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Rice Univ. Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
USC Molecular Robotics Lab
Washington Univ Lab. for the Study of Novel Carbon Materials


Keynote and Invited Speakers

    Professor Steven Chu (keynote)
(1997 Nobel Prize for Physics)
Department of Physics
Stanford University
"The manipulation of atoms and bio-molecules by laser light"
    Professor M. Reza Ghadiri
Scripps Research Institute
"Molecular Self-Assembly, Self-Organization,
and Self-Replication"
    Professor Steven M. Block
Department of Molecular Biology
Princeton University
"Using Optical Tweezers to Study Biological Motors"
    Dr. Sumio Iijima
NEC Corporation, Japan
"Growth of curved graphenes"
    Professor Cees Dekker
Department of Applied Physics and DIMES
Delft University of Technology
"Carbon nanotubes as molecular quantum wires"
    Professor Mark Reed
Yale University
"Molecular Scale Electronic Devices and Systems"

Program Committee

    William A. Goddard III
Materials and Process Simulation Center
California Institute of Technology
    Ralph C. Merkle
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
    Nadrian C. Seeman
New York University
    Richard Smalley
Rice University

Tutorial on Molecular Nanotechnology

The Tutorial Chair for the Sixth Conference is Dr. Jan H. Hoh, Department of Physiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Additional information about the Tutorial on Molecular Nanotechnology. Registration information.