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Nanobeads for biochip labeling

W. Fritzsche*, a, A. Csakia, R. Möllera, J. Reicherta, F. Schutb, and J. M. Köhlera

aInstitute of Physical High Technology
PO Box 100 239, D-07702 Jena, Germany

bGenetrix Emdaborg 14, 9751 SJ Haren, The Netherlands

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
Seventh Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.
There will be a link from here to the full article when it is available on the web.


The screening for specific biomolecular binding utilizing biochips bases usually on a fluorescence signal. Fluorescence detection is limited regarding the sensitivity, due to bleaching and quenching effects, and there is also a need for a sophisticated detection equipment for sensing and processing the signals. Nanobead labeling could overcome some of these obstacles, which is our motivation to explore the potential of this method. The techniques for attaching nanobeads to biomolecules are established, so that we focus our investigations on novel detection schemes. We developed a method based on the electrical detection of molecular binding events. This method could be highly parallelized as well as minimized, having the potential of fast read-out of large numbers of signals from a biochip.

*Corresponding Address:
Wolfgang Fritzsche
Institute of Physical High Technology
PO Box 100 239, Jena 07702, Germany
Phone: x49-3641-206304; Fax: x49-3641-206399
E-mail:; Web:


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