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Presenter Information for the
8th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

Abstracts of Conference Presentations

There will be oral presentations and a poster session during the conference. The poster session will be held on Friday afternoon. On Saturday there will be additional time for viewing and discussion of the posters. For those who wish to submit papers, abstracts are due July 7, 2000. The abstracts should be no longer than 500 words including references and footnotes. Each submitted abstract may include only one graphic in jpg or gif format. The size should be no larger than 250 x 250 pixels (will be displayed at 72 dpi). Abstracts not in the appropriate format will be returned without being considered.

A web form is available here to use to submit abstracts. If the abstract includes a graphic, the graphic should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to Note: In case of any problem with the web form submission procedure, abstracts can also be e-mailed to, including all the information requested on the form.

  • Abstracts should list the names and affiliations of all authors.
  • Submissions must include information on the contact person for the paper: name, full work address (including street address for express delivery), fax number, and e-mail address. Authors not wishing specific information to appear on the abstract posted on the Web should indicate clearly which information they do not wish to appear.
  • Links to the web pages of authors and their institutions are encouraged.
  • A sample abstract from the 5th Foresight Conference.


Preparation of Conference Papers

Full papers based upon accepted abstracts may be submitted to Foresight to be permanently archived on the Conference Web site. They may also be submitted to the journal Nanotechnology to be peer reviewed for inclusion in a special issue devoted to papers presented at the Conference.

Journal Special Issue

Full paper deadline extended to December 15.

A special issue of papers presented at the conference will be published in the journal Nanotechnology, a journal published by Institute of Physics. Contributions to the issue are optional and due December 15, 2000. All submissions will be peer reviewed. All papers to be considered for publication in Nanotechnology must be submitted directly to the journal. Papers submitted to Foresight or to the Conference Chairs will not be forwarded to the journal for consideration. For information on submitting manuscripts to Nanotechnology:

Archival on the Conference Web site.

Authors are also encouraged to submit an html version of their full paper to the Foresight Institute for permanent archival on the Conference Web site. To submit a paper to the Conference Web site:

  • The paper must be submitted electronically in html
  • All illustrations should be submitted in jpeg or gif files

A sample html template (draft) for preparing a full paper is available.

To Prepare Conference Papers for Web Archiving:

  • A white background is required.
  • The name, affiliation, address, e-mail and web page are all desired.
  • A link to the main conference page is required.
  • The Harvard alphabetical system is preferred for references (see IOP's "Notes for Authors" at
  • SI units are mandatory. When non-SI units are common in the particular area the paper is addressing they can be included in parenthesis after the SI units, e.g., "The bond strength is 0.3 aJ (43 kcal/mole)." (Note that "aJ" is one atto joule, or 10-18 joules). See "Constants and conversion factors useful in nanotechnology" at for further information on conversion factors.
  • In other areas, follow the "Notes for Authors" provided by IOP.
  • A sample full paper from the 6th Foresight Conference

Submission of Papers for Web Archiving

Papers should be submitted by email to Figures should be submitted as attached GIF or JPEG files; html should be sent as an attached text file. Avoid sending compressed file archives since these often present problems with cross-platform compatibility.

Reminder: Manuscripts to be peer reviewed for the Conference issue of Nanotechnology must be submitted directly to the journal as described above.

Papers to be archived on the Conference Web site should be submitted by December 15, 2000.



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