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Efficacy of nano-disperse iron on during bovine leukosis virus infection

A.M. Prochorova, G.V. Pavlovb, G.A.C. Okpattah*, c, S.P. Pavlenkob, A.N. Miralubovab, A.V. Kaeitanovichd, V.V. Menshenine, and E.S. Voroninb

aRussian Academy of Sciences
bMoscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnolog
cThe Central Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemical Se
dInstitute of General Physics of the Academy of Sciences
eAll Russian Scientific Research Institute or Biotechnology

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
Ninth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.
There will be a link from here to the full article when it is available on the web.


There is no known method of treatment for leukosis or BLV infection. For the first time we have used nano-disperse iron (as a non-specific immunomodulator) for the treatment of BLV infection.

The objective of our research was to determine the parameters of natural immunity, histopathological changes and the level of the genetic control of resistance in healthy and BLV infected animals under natural conditions and after applying an aqueous suspension of ultra disperse iron.

It was established, that the number of leucocytes and the percentage of lymphocytes from BLV infected animals was higher than that of the healthy animals by 1,5-3 times. On determining the phenotypes of class 1 BoLA in microcytic test using oligo- and monospecific antilymphocyte sera it was established, that the BLV infected animals had a higher level of leucocyte W31, MSVA3, MSVA8, MSVA21 antigens, whilst in the healty animals MSVA13 and MSVA17 antigens were frequently determined, which is a positive sign and directly potreys a higher resistance to enzootic leukosis. After the application of the aqueous suspension of ultra disperse iron, the expression of antigenes in the experimental animals (2,5 months after application) had changed to a favorable combination of stability to BLV infection. The experimental animals, which had received the aqueous suspension of ultra disperse iron, showed no histipathological changes in the organs and tissues characteristic of the disease. Besides, blood samples did not show lymphocytes with altered nuclear membranes, which was markedly observed in BLV infected animals injected with the appropriate dosage of 0,9% saline solution.

Thus, aqueous suspension of ultra disperse iron acts on the correction of the immunological parameters of BLV infected animals in natural conditions, and also affected the expression of antigenes and the removal of infected lymphocytes from the organism, thus preventing the clinical development enzootic leukosis.

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*Corresponding Address:
G.A.C. Okpattah
The Central Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemical Se
31 Prianishnikov Street, Room 230
Moscow 127550 RUSSIA
phone: 7(095) 976-14-62
fax: 7(095) 976-14-62


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