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The influence of very minute doses of nano-disperse iron on seed germination

A.M. Prochorova, G.V. Pavlovb, G.A.C. Okpattah*, c, and A.V. Kaetanovichb

aRussian Academy of Sciences
bInstitute of General physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
cThe Central Scientific Institute of Agrochemical Services

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
Ninth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.
There will be a link from here to the full article when it is available on the web.


Tomatoe seeds of the "Gribovskii" sort, harvest of 1999 were used in the experiments. Distilled water was used in preparing the super-diluted aqeous solution of nano-disperse iron. The final concentration of the solution used in the experiment was 10-30 µg/ml, the control solution was also obtained in a similar manner without nano-disperse iron. The seeds were processed using standard techniques, the time of germination of the seeds was determined and the length of roots was measured. The experiments were repeated five times.

It was established, that percent of germination of seeds in the experimental groups was higher than in the control by an average of 2,5-3,0 %, and the length of the primary roots in experiment surpassed that of the control by 9,7 - 10,1 ml. A marked reduction the coefficient of correlation of more than 20 % was observed, which is an indication of the stimulating effect of very minute doses of nano-disperse iron.

Therefore, an aqeous suspension of nano-disperse of iron at a concentration of 10-30 µg/ml shows the properties a stimulator of growth and hastens the process of germination of seeds simultaneously stimulating the development of the root system.

*Corresponding Address:
G.A.C. Okpattah
The Central Scientific Institute of Agrochemical Services
31 Prianishnikov Street, Room 230, Moscow 127550 Russia
Phone: 7(095) 976-14-62
Fax: 7 095 976 1462


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