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The Nanotechnology Market: Status quo and Prospects for the Future

Silvester Schmidt*, Silke Burkart

TIMElabs Research Center @ Diebold,
Eschborn 65760 GERMANY

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
Ninth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.
There will be a link from here to the full article when it is available on the web.


Companies and Products

In the past few years companies developed various strategies to establish themselves in the promising nanotechnology market. Whether start-ups, spin-offs, temporary research cooperations, virtual companies or well-established companies of the "Old Economy" prove to be the most successful type of enterprise will be decided today. TIMElabs gives an overview of existing companies, their corporate organization as well as of the development stages of their products.

Success stories about products that are available on the market point out success factors which are vital for research, development, and the marketing of nanotechnological products.

Changes in the Markets

Due to its transdisciplinary nature and wide variety of applications, nanotechnology will rough up the existing markets and give them an unprecedented new structure.

The changes in the range of products and services will be parallel to those in the rules of the market. The present sequence in the production value chain will no longer be maintained. Supply Chain Management will be newly organized. New interdependencies between the market players will arise as a result of an extended spectrum of interest groups and greater innovation potential. The nanotechnology market will take place in a framework whose legal and ethical limits have not yet been put in concrete terms.

New markets will keep ready unexpectedly challenges for companies on the basis of their core competence. Staying competitive in well-established markets, on the other hand, will require know-how which is often foreign to the market and has to be acquired elsewhere.

The TIMEline of Product Development

Nanotechnology will replace existing products and create completely novel ones. At present many of these products are in the development stage. Their availability on the market depends upon different factors such as the availability of the neces-sary computer capacities or the development of nanotechnological tools.

The TIMEline of product development includes the technological milestones and the point of time when the launch of the resulting nanotechnological products is expected.

In the talk with the title `The Nanotechnology Market ­ Status quo and Prospects for the FutureŽ given at the Foresight Conference 2001 these topics will be focused on and answers to the most urgent questions will be provided.

Additional Information

About TIMElabs

The TIMElabs Research Center is the strategic think tank of the internationally-active Diebold Group, one of the leading management and technology consultancy focused on digital business. At TIMElabs, we look for answers to questions on developments of the future. The horizons are wide open and range from economic to social-cultural themes in the environment of the TIME markets (telecommunications, IT, multimedia and e-Business).

TIMElabs and Nanotechnology

TIMElabs observe and analyze new developments in nanotechnology. TIMElabs focus on the scientific progress as well as on all aspects of business and the impli-cations of nanotechnology on society and politics.

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*Corresponding Address:
Silvester Schmidt
TIMElabs Research Center @ Diebold
Frankfurter Strasse 27, Eschborn 65760 GERMANY
phone: +49 (6196) 903-242
fax: +49 (6196) 903-309


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