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The Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Nanocomposites Compression

Alexandre V. Vakhrouchev* and Ludmila L. Vakhroucheva

Institute of Applied Mechanics,
Izhevsk 426001 RUSSIA

This is an abstract for a presentation given at the
Ninth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.
There will be a link from here to the full article when it is available on the web.


The nanocomposites (NC) are applied in the many spheres of the mechanical engineering, because they have mechanical and other properties, which the traditional materials have not. There are many factors which influence for the NC properties: the composites mechanical properties, friction between the composites materials and the technological tools, inner friction, the type of compression, temperature, speed of loading etc. That is why the numerical simulations of the forming processes of NC are very urgent. The scopes of present papers were to develop numerical analysis and experimental investigation of the mechanics processes in the NC during compression. For numerical calculation the finite elements method was used [1-3].

By means of the numerical calculations the kinetics of the NC compression processes and distribution of inner material parameters were investigated. Also, the complex compression processes of the materials, the formation of the parts by means of the loading directions change, multistep press processes, the compression of the materials with different mechanical properties were analyzed. On the basis of the carried out accounts the device for pressing NC are made on which some samples from a mix of powders of aluminum, copper and wolfram are given. Proportion of percentage of the sizes particles of different materials contained in an aggregate, supplying demanded mechanical characteristics NC is retrieved experimentally. A major problem of numerical accounts and experimental operations was the deriving NC with large porosity for solid-state capacitors.


  1. Vakhrouchev A.V., Vakhroucheva L.L. The finite element analysis of the powder materials compression.-Proceedings 4th international conference of numerical methods in industrial forming processes-NUMINFORM'92, Valbonne/France/14-18 September 1992, A.A.Balkema/Rotterdam/Brookfield/ pp.887-892,1992.
  2. Vakhroucheva L. L ,Vakhrouchev A. V., , Kalinnikov A. E. “ The finite elements modeling of the powder materials formation processes. The mathematics modeling , v.9, N2 p.p. 117-121, 1997. (in Russian)
  3. Vakhrouchev A.V., Vakhroucheva L.L. The mathematical simulation of the nanocomposites compression. – Abstracts 1st El.B.A. Foresight Forum on nanotechnology. Rome p.66,1999

*Corresponding Address:
Alexandre V. Vakhrouchev
Institute of Applied Mechanics
Pushkinska 272-51, Izhevsk 426001 RUSSIA
Phone: 89028568419
Fax: 83412430495


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