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Hindsight from Foresight

A short history of nanotechnology as an idea is given in "Nanotechnology: Evolution of the Concept," Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 45, pp. 395-400. Offprints are available for US$3 from the Foresight Institute, PO Box 61058, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA.

This essay also appears as chapter 9 in the book Prospects in Nanotechnology: Toward Molecular Manufacturing, ed. (Markus Krummenacker and James Lewis, Wiley, 1995). This book lists the conference proceedings from the 1992 Foresight nanotechnology general conference.

Chapter list
1 Introduction to Nanotechnology (Drexler)
2 Design-Ahead for Nanotechnology (Merkle)
3 Designing Molecular Components (Kaehler)
4 Biotechnology as an Enabling Technology (Edelstein)
5 Modeling and Remodeling Molecules (Pique)
6 Paths to Nanotechnology (Landman)
7 Today's New Materials: Atomic Control in One Dimension (Kelly)
8 Diamond Growth: Today and Tomorrow (Pinneo)
9 Nanotechnology: Evolution of the Concept (Peterson)
10 Virtual Molecular Reality (Minsky)
11 Molecular Manufacturing as a Path to Space (Drexler)
12 Nanotechnology Research and Development Sponsorship (Jacobstein)
13 Nanotechnology in Japan (Sweet)
14 The Politics of Technology in the United States:
The Background for the Coming Era of Nanotechnology Politics (Bennett)
15 Nanotech: A Venture Perspective (Doerr)
16 The Open Society and Its Media (Miller)

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