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1st Symposium on Molecular Machine Systems
October 22, 2004

Crystal City Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC area

Symposium is held as Day One of 1st Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology: Research, Applications, and Policy

Program as of October 14, 2004
Also available in PDF format. Requires ACROBAT READER by ADOBE.

Note: Italic indicates "speaker"; * indicates "corresponding author"
All events held at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel in the Crystal Forum room, unless otherwise specified

Conference Chair
Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute

Thursday, October 21

8 to 9:30 AM Congressional Staff Breakfast on Nanotechnology Policy (invitational, RSVP separately from conference)
Rayburn House Office Building, Capitol Hill
Noon to 2 PM Foresight Institute Luncheon Briefing, with Foresight President Scott Mize and VP Christine Peterson (invitational, RSVP separately from conference), Monticello Ballroom
Mize presentation as 20.1 MB PDF
Peterson presentation as 9 MB PDF
6 to 8 PM Conference Registration, Foyer 2nd floor

Friday, October 22

1st Symposium on Molecular Machine Systems

Friday Co-Chairs:
Prof. William A. Goddard, III Caltech
Prof. Ralph Merkle, Georgia Tech

7:30 AM Conference Registration, Crystal Forum Foyer
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast, Crystal Forum Foyer
9:20 AM Welcome and Introduction
Ralph Merkle, Georgia Tech, Symposium Co-Chair
9:30 AM DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life
Nadrian Seeman, NYU
10:00 AM A Synthetic Approach to Water Soluble Nanoscale Molecules with Controlled Structures
Christian Schafmeister*, Stephen Habay, Christopher Levins, Paul Morgan, Gupta Sharad, Gregory Bird; University of Pittsburgh
10:20 AM Artificial Molecular Machines
Amar Flood* and J. Fraser Stoddart, UCLA
10:40 AM Break
11:00 AM Design of Macromolecular Structures and Interactions
David Baker, Univ. of Washington
11:30 AM Design and Modeling of Nanoscale Systems: Prediction of Structures and Properties
William A. Goddard III, Caltech, Symposium Co-Chair
12:00 PM Luncheon for those who selected this option, Monticello Ballroom
12:30 PM Luncheon Address: Nick Reynolds, Accelrys
Computer Aided Nanodesign: Connecting Molecular Design to the Engineering Process
Monticello Ballroom
Lunch talk is open to all conference attendees
1:00 PM Poster Session, Monticello Ballroom
2:00 PM Nanoassembly and Nanorobots
Ari Requicha, USC Laboratory for Molecular Robotics
2:30 PM Pathway to Diamond-Based Molecular Manufacturing
Robert Freitas, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
3:00 PM Design and Analysis Techniques for Complex Nanosystems
J. Storrs Hall, Molecular Engineering Research Institute and Nanorex Inc.
3:20 PM Indirectly-Replicating Nanomachines: a Kinematic Cellular Automata Approach
Tihamer Toth-Fejel, General Dynamics
3:40 PM Coordinating Microscopic Robots for Medical Applications
Tad Hogg, HP Labs
4:00 PM Break
4:30 PM A Roadmap to Productive Molecular Machine Systems
K. Eric Drexler, Molecular Engineering Research Institute
5:00 PM Toward Atomically-Precise Bottom-up Nanomanufacturing
Ralph Merkle, Georgia Tech
5:30 PM Special interest groups meet, Sign up or suggest a new topic at registration desk
SIG schedule (PDF, requires ACROBAT READER by ADOBE.)
7:00 PM Foresight Institute Feynman Prize Banquet,
Potomac Ballroom
Attendees must register in advance: see reg. desk
Awards will be presented to the winners of:
Foresight Institute Feynman Prize
Foresight Institute Prize in Communication
Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award
9:00 PM Keynote: Ray Kurzweil, Winner, National Medal of Technology, Crystal Forum
An Exponentially Expanding Future from Exponentially Shrinking Technology
10:00 PM Informal discussion continues in the lounge


Foresight Activities > Foresight Conferences > The 1st Symp. Mol. Mach. Sys.

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