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by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 1998, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.

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Chapter 3. Molecular Transport and Sortation

  3.1 Human Body Chemical Composition  
  3.2 Diffusion Transport  
    3.2.1 Brownian Motion  
    3.2.2 Passive Diffusive Intake  
    3.2.3 Active Diffusive Intake  Diffusive Stirring Diffusive Swimming  
    3.2.4 Diffusion Cascade Sortation  
    3.2.5 Nanocentrifuge Sortation  
  3.3 Membrane Filtration  
    3.3.1 Simple Nanosieving  
    3.3.2 Dynamic Pore Sizing  
    3.3.3 Gated Channels  
  3.4 Receptor-Based Transport  
    3.4.1 Transporter Pumps  
    3.4.2 Sorting Rotors  
    3.4.3 Internal Transport Streams  
  3.5 Molecular Receptor Engineering  
    3.5.1 Physical Forces in Molecular Recognition  
    3.5.2 Ligand-Receptor Affinity  
    3.5.3 Ligand-Receptor Specificity  
    3.5.4 Ligand-Receptor Dynamics  
    3.5.5 Diamondoid Receptor Design  
    3.5.6 Minimum Feature Size and Positioning Accuracy  
    3.5.7 Receptor Configurations  Imprint Model Solid Mosaic Model Tomographic Model Pin Cushion Model Construction Costs Receptor Durability  
    3.5.8 Ligand-Receptor Mapping  
    3.5.9 Large Molecule Binding, Sorting, and Transport  

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© Copyright 1998, Robert A. Freitas Jr. All rights reserved.

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