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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Work of
Bryan Leister

Contact Information:

Mail Address:   Jacqueline Dedell Inc.
58 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011
E-Mail Address:   bryan@bryanleister.com
URL:   http://www.bryanleister.com/

Biographical and Professional Information:

Mr. Leister is a professional illustrator with periodicals credits such as Harvard Magazine and the Wall Street Journal; book credits such as Fire, Bed & Bone (April 1998) by Henrietta Branford, Hobby: The Young Merlin Trilogy (September 1996) by Jane Yolen, and Guttenberg's Gift (February 1996) by Nancy Willard; and other wonderful illustrations.

Exhibits at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery:

Image #108
DNA Repair Machines

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