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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Historical and General
Medical Nanorobot Images

by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2000-2002, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.
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In the 1980s and 1990s, a handful of authors began speculating about the physical forms that future medical nanorobots might take. A few created artist's conceptions of their devices. During this time, only the broadest analyses of the missions and capabilities that might be desired had been attempted. Detailed technical and engineering studies, in many cases, still lay years in the future. Despite this handicap, some of these designs have many plausible elements, along with other elements which, in hindsight, may appear fanciful, impractical, or even dangerous. These speculations continue through the present.

Images are provided from both the mechanical and biological traditions of medical nanotechnology, although there is a primary emphasis on the former. References to original print or electronic sources are given whenever possible.

Image #101
T4 Bacteriophage

Image #102
Cell Repair Machines I

Image #103
Cell Repair Machines II

Image #104

Image #105
Cell Repair Machines III

Image #106
Cell Repair Machines IV

Image #107
The Chrysalis

Image #108
DNA Repair Machines

Image #109
Immune Machines

Image #110
Nanotech. Playhouse I

Image #111
Nanotech. Playhouse II

Image #112
Nanotech. Playhouse III

Image #113
Nanotech. Playhouse IV

Image #114
Nanotech. Playhouse V

Image #115
Cell Repair Machines V

Image #116
Cell Repair Machines VI

Image #117
Cell Repair Machines VII

Image #118
Cell Repair Machines VIII

Image #119
Molecular Machines

Image #120
Artery Cleaner

Image #121
Anatomy of a Nanoprobe

Image #142
Nanomedicine Theme

Image #146
Micro-Medics 2

Image #147
Bloodstream Micro-Medics

Image #148
Virtual Nanomedicine

Image #149
Bloodstream Hexabot

Image #150
Toward the Breach

Image #151
Conceptual Nanobots

Image #152
Lung Cleaners

Image #156
Tiny Tech

Image #166
Stinger I

Image #167
Stinger II

Image #168
Peepers I

Image #169
Peepers II

Image #170
Drillers I

Image #217
Artery Cleaner V

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