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Nanomedicine Art Gallery

by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2001-2004, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.

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Welcome to the Nanomedicine Art Gallery

Here you will find a small but growing collection of visual artwork that describes many different views of how medical nanorobots and other nanomedical devices and systems might appear. Some of these works have been borrowed with permission from already-published print-media or electronic-media works. Other contributions are original graphics created by the named individual artists especially for this Gallery exhibition, for your additional enjoyment. The images in the Nanomedicine Art Gallery are organized into three nonexclusive conceptual groupings — Nanorobot Species, Medical Challenges, and Individual Artists — for easy browsing.

Artwork in this Gallery should be appreciated as expressions of each artist's unique creative impulses and insights. Some works may be highly interpretive or impressionistic, while others may attempt to achieve photographic realism or the precise rendering of a technical engineering illustration. Some images are in the nature of rough drafts or quick sketches; others are more elaborate finished pieces. All styles are welcome here. And all images are presented with the understanding that they are "artist's conceptions" which may or may not entirely reflect the technical nanodevice designer's original intent — or the ultimate engineering reality.

As you explore the Nanomedicine Art Gallery, please keep in mind that all works on this site are copyrighted. Permission to use these works for any purpose other than viewing on this site must be obtained from the person or organization listed as the copyright holder. Gallery maintenance takes considerable effort, so we request that the notation "courtesy Nanomedicine Art Gallery" accompany each image used from the Gallery. Visitors are also strongly encouraged to visit the excellent websites of the print publications and individual artists that are represented here. Please note that the Nanocaduceus image found at the top of this page and elsewhere on these sites is copyrighted by Robert A. Freitas Jr., and he must be contacted for permission for its use.

If you know of any nanomedicine-related artwork that does not appear on these pages (which you can provide and believe might be appropriate), or if you are an artist who would like to exhibit an original art piece of your own at the Gallery, or if you are a visitor to the Gallery who would like to see more work from your favorite artist who may already be represented here, please let us know by contacting the webmaster@foresight.org.

The Nanomedicine Art Gallery was conceived, written and assembled by Robert A. Freitas Jr. as an adjunct to the Nanomedicine Page; Robert continues as curator of the Gallery, which first opened in March 2000. The author thanks Foresight Institute Webmaster James B. Lewis for major assistance in the design of this website, conversion of all materials to html format, reformatting of graphic images, and for general site maintenance; James B. Lewis and Marcia Seidler for assistance with image scanning; and also the many artists and organizations represented here, without whose creative efforts and generous permissions this Gallery would not have been possible.

Note to Press and Other Media Visitors: If you wish to use Gallery images in your print, video, or electronic-media projects, there are three steps you should follow:

  1. You should contact the legal copyright holder or artist(s) involved to obtain permission, negotiate terms, and to obtain the art piece in alternative formats or at higher resolution.
  2. Several technical exhibits depict nanodevices designed by Robert Freitas, in which case his permission is also required for use. This permission is normally granted upon condition that the words "designer Robert Freitas" appears with each usage.
  3. The Nanomedicine Art Gallery would appreciate and requests that, whenever practical in print or electronic media, an appropriate courtesy link should be added to the Gallery URL: Nanomedicine Art Gallery http://www.foresight.org/Nanomedicine/Gallery/index.html


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