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The Nippondenso Micro-Car (1994)

microcar photo

"Nippondenso's microcar was produced with precision machining and semiconductor process technologies ... the intention was to demonstrate the abilities and future potential of the micro processing technology by manufacturing a car which is one one-thousandth the size of an actual car... The latest model has a micro-motor 1 mm in diameter. With power supplied by a 25 micron copper wire, the car runs smoothly at a speed of about 1 cm/s with 3 V voltage and 20 mA current. The use of a shell body construction as shown in Photo 1 reduced the weight and allowed accommodation of the driving gears. The body is made by electroless nickel plating and sacrificial layer etching, and the surface is gold plated. It is 30 microns thick yet strong enough to be picked up by the fingers."

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