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Recent Articles on Medical Nanomaterials, Nanobiotechnology, or "Nanomedicine"

compiled by
Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2001-2004, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.

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Fall 1992 "Nanotechnology In Medicine" (Gregory Fahy)
1992 "The Molecular Repair of the Brain" (Ralph C. Merkle)
1992 "Nanotechnology: The Library of Congress in Your Pocket" (Roberta Wallis)


Feb. 1993 "Three-dimensional imaging of living neurons and glia with the atomic force microscope" (Vladimir Parpura, Philip G. Haydon, Eric Henderson)
1993 "Technological Self-Transformation Expanding Personal Extropy" (Max More)


Dec. 1994 "Nanotechnology and Medicine" (Ralph C. Merkle)
Win. 1994 "Legal Problems of Nanotechnology: An Overview" (Frederick A. Fiedler, Glenn H. Reynolds)


Jun. 1995 "Will Nanotechnology, the Manufacturing of Objects Atom by Atom, be a Feasible Medical Breakthrough?" (Corbett Merrill)
Sep. 1995 "Achieving Physical Immortality" (Saul Kent)
1995 "Deep Safari" (Charles Sheffield)


Feb. 1996 "Brain Death and Technological Change: Personal Identity, Neural Prostheses and Uploading" (James J. Hughes)
Apr. 1996 "A Mechanical Artificial Red Cell: Exploratory Design in Medical Nanotechnology" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) PubMed abstract
May 1996 "Molecular Machines" (Corey S. Powell, Scientific American)
Nov. 1996 "A Technology Impact Review of Protein Engineering and Heart Disease" (Robert L. Wilson, Jr.), PDF
1996 "NanoGranny Lives 150 Years" (Sherry Miller)
1996 "Cell Repair" (Mike Wisz)
1996 "Molecular Nanotechnology and Immortality" (Mike Wisz)
1996 "Diamond Teeth" (Edward M. Reifman, DDS)


May 1997 "Supersmall is beautiful" (Anne Ruimy) (in French)
Spr. 1997 "Mimicking Nature's Engine" (Erik Ellis)
Nov. 1997 "New Motifs In DNA Nanotechnology" (Nadrian C. Seeman et al.)
1997 The "Australian sensor" (AMBRI)
1997 "Nanotechnology Health" (NanoTechnology Magazine)
1997 "Cyborg Citizens: Hands/Telemanipulators" (MIT)
1997 "MHSS 2020: Focused Study on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology" (Military Health System 2025)
1997 "Cell Biology: Force-Carrying Web Pervades Living Cell" (James Glanz)


Jan. 1998 "The Architecture of Life" (Donald E. Ingber)
Mar. 1998 "PEBBLEs help scientists open a window on cell chemistry" (Sally Pobojewski) See Also
Mar. 1998 "The Incredible Shrinking Finger Factory" (Will Hively)
Apr. 1998 "Introduction a la nanotechnologie moleculaire" (Frederic Levy) (in French)
May 1998 "Technology and Euthanasia" (Tihamer Toth-Fejel)
Jun. 1998 "News & Views: Nanomedicine" (Dr. Dobb's Journal)
Jun. 1998 "(29) La nanomedecine, ou une vue futuriste de la medecine due XXII eme siecle (11-6-1998)" (InfoMed) (in French)
Jul. 1998 "Maquinas microscopicas: Nanotecnologia" (Rodrigo Guaiquil) (in Spanish) Also
Jul. 1998 "Biotech Bodies" (Catherine Armst, John Carey)
Jul. 1998 "Nanogenetics" (Michael Cangialosi)
Aug. 1998 "Re: Doubling of Medical Knowledge" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Aug. 1998 "Research...Smart Bandages" (Chris Wilkinson, Adam Curtis)
Sep. 1998 "Nanotehnologija" (Velibor Ilic) (in Serbian)
Sep. 1998 "Smart Splints to Mend Tendons" (Synergy)
Sep. 1998 "Laserbeamed biochip detects blood disorders" (Leslie Versweyveld)
Sep. 1998 "Influenza A the Target of New Anti-Microbial Agent by Novavax" (PR Newswire)
Oct. 1998 "Unconventional Innovations Program" (National Cancer Institute)
Oct. 1998 "Star War on Cancer" (Antonio Regalado)
Oct. 1998 "Programming Biological Cells" (Ron Weiss)
Nov. 1998 "Constructing Biological Motor Powered Nanomechanical Devices" (Carlo Montemagno, George Bachand, Scott Stelick, Marlene Bachand)
Nov. 1998 "Medical Applications of Nanotechnology: Nanobodies" (Michael Singletary)
Nov. 1998 "A Baby Step for Nanotech" (Niall McKay)
Nov. 1998 "Nanotechnology: Art of the Possible" (David Rotman, interview with George M. Whitesides)
Nov. 1998 "Fighting Viruses with Nanomedicine" (Anthony Warren Smith)
Nov. 1998 "Use of a Single Nanometer-Scale Pore to Rapidly Examine Individual DNA or RNA Strands" (Mark Akeson, Daniel Branton, John J. Kasianowicz, Eric Brandin, David W. Deamer)
Nov. 1998 "Axonemal dynein -- a natural molecular motor" (Helen C. Taylor, Michael E.J. Holwill)
Dec. 1998 "March of the biobots" (Duncan Graham-Rowe)
Win. 1998 "Medicine, Technology, and the Body in the Late 20th Century" (Timothy Lenoir, Georgene Moldovan, John Bender)
1998 "Telemedicine: Looking To the 21st Century" (Allison O'Mahony)
1998 "Forecasts for Revolutionary Impact of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology on Health" (Institute for Alternative Futures)
1998 "Nanomolecule-Based Agents for Pathogen Counter Measures" (James R. Baker Jr.)
1998 "Nanotechnology" (Versaware, Inc.)


Jan. 1999 "Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery at the University of Limerick" (Niall Behan)
Jan. 1999 "Will Robots Sail Your Veins?" (Kristen Philipkoski)
Jan. 1999 "Disenan <<nanorobots>> mitad sinteticos, mitad biologicos" (Pablo Jauregui) (in Spanish)
Jan. 1999 "Intracellular Nanosurgery with Near Infrared Femtosecond Laser Pulses" (K. Konig, I. Riemann, P. Fischer, K.J. Halbhuber)
Jan. 1999 "Toward in-vivo digital circuits" (Ron Weiss)
Jan. 1999 "Borrowing From Biology to Power the Petite" (Robert F. Service)
Feb. 1999 "Nanorobots: Medicine of the Future" (Amit Bhargava)
Feb. 1999 "A dose of nanomedicine" (Michael Brooks, EPSRC)
Feb. 1999 "Team aims to grow artificial hearts" (EPSRC)
Mar. 1999 "Molecular switching is probed for nanocomputers" (R. Colin Johnson)
Apr. 1999 "Le nanotecnologie del futuro" (Aldo Conti) (in Italian)
Apr. 1999 "How many atoms are in a Human body?" (Brian Kross)
Apr. 1999 "Nuove Frontiere: Il grande mondo delle nanomacchine" (di Antonio Leonardi) (in Italian)
May 1999 "Nanomedicina" (Elena Capparelli) (in Italian)
Jun. 1999 "AFMs and Nanotechnology for DNA Research" (Kary Mullis)
Jun. 1999 "Nanotechnology" (U.S. House testimony of Richard E. Smalley)
Jul. 1999 "Nanomedicine" (David O. Weber)
Jul. 1999 "Shapely Models!" (Jack Hassard)
Jul. 1999 "Nanotechnology and Cyberspace: Two roads to the same city" (Adam B.A. Finkelstein, Matthew K.B. Maennling, Glenn F. Cartwright)
Aug. 1999 "Die Extropianer trafen sich wieder zur Extro 4" (Christian Weisgerber) (in German)
Aug. 1999 "Nanobiotechnology Consortium at Cornell Funded" (UniSci)
Sep. 1999 "Fantastic Voyage: Tiny Pharmacies Propelled Through The Body..." (Roger Segelken)
Sep. 1999 "Biologically Related Aspects of Nanoparticles, Nanostructured Materials, and Nanodevices" (Lynn Jelinski)
Sep. 1999 "Molecular Model-T" (Alan Hall)
Sep. 1999 "Tiniest Motor Ever" (Reuters)
Oct. 1999 "The brave new world of biotechnology and beyond" (Peter N. Spotts) alternate URL
Oct. 1999 Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Oct. 1999 "NCI Awards First Contracts for Unconventional Innovations Program" (National Cancer Institute) alternate URL
Oct. 1999 "Ohio State researcher receives award for biomedical research" (Mauro Ferrari) alternate URL
Oct. 1999 "The Face of the Future/Medicine" (Alicia Neumann, Kristina Blachere)
Oct. 1999 "Scientists to develop `smart bombs' that destroy cancer cells" (Sally Pobojewski), Alternate
Oct. 1999 "Digitally Programmed Cells" (Ron Weiss)
Oct. 1999 "Biochem prof. pursues molecule-sized chips" (Karen Smith)
Nov. 1999 "Thinking Small" (Mark Pesce) alternate URL
Nov. 1999 "Nanomagnesekkel az AIDS ellen" (Termeszet Vilaga) (in Hungarian)
Nov. 1999 "Therapeutic Applications of Biomedical Micro/Nano Technology" (Mauro Ferrari)
Nov. 1999 "Mind over Matter: Getting rat thoughts to move robotic parts" (Mimi Zucker)
Nov. 1999 "The Repressilator: An Artificial Oscillatory Network in Bacteria" (Michael Elowitz)
Nov. 1999 "Towards the Creation of Simple, Functional, Cell-like Structures" (Andrew Pohorille, Michael New, Karl Schweighofer, Anthony Keefe, Jack Szostak, Janos K. Lanyi)
Dec. 1999 "The War on Disease Goes Miniature. Nanomedicine: Drugs and cancer tests, cell by cell" (Claudia Kalb) alternate URL
Dec. 1999 "Is Diamond Biocompatible With Living Cells?" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Dec. 1999 "The Future of the Ironman" (SlowTwitch)
Dec. 1999 "Bioengineering Nanotechnology Initiative"
Dec. 1999 "Expert Opinion" (James R. Baker Jr., on "nanomedicine")
Dec. 1999 "The Web Within Us" (Ray Kurzweil)
Dec. 1999 "Nanotweezers for a Very Small Toolbox" (Mary Beckman)
1999 "Medical Applications" (Robert Geil, Jody Wood)
1999 "Chapter 8. The Transhuman Super-Beings" (Rex Stephens)


Jan. 2000 "Researchers build huge DNA chains" (BBC)
Jan. 2000 "First artificial DNA can create new forms of life" (Jonathan Leake, Roger Dobson)
Jan. 2000 "Nanomedicine Nears The Clinic" (David Voss) Alternate URL
Jan. 2000 "Millennial Makeover: Who Do You Want To Be Tomorrow?" (Wendy Bounds)
Jan. 2000 "Quantum Dot Com" (David Rotman)
Jan. 2000 "Honey, I Shrunk the HMO" (Niall McKay)
Jan. 2000 "An interview with George A. Bekey" (G.K., Spectrum)
Jan. 2000 "Human Cells Get Tiny Computers" (Reuters)
Jan. 2000 "The future of medicine" (European Intelligence Wire)
Feb. 2000 "Building a Better Human Through Nanotechnology" (Ed Frauenheim)
Feb. 2000 "Nanomedicine: The Future of Healthcare" (Connie K. Che, Mark Gill) Alternate URL
Feb. 2000 "New UC Berkeley bionic chip features living cell successfully merged with electronic circuitry" (Kathleen Scalise) Associated Press URL
Feb. 2000 "Tiny Machines Do the Work of Giants" (Arlie Carday)
Feb. 2000 "Nanosensor Probes Single Living Cells" (ORNL)
Mar. 2000 "The Case Against Aging" (Nick Bostrom)
Mar. 2000 "Nanoroboty" (Jan Stradowski) (in Polish)
Mar. 2000 "Hospital of the Future" (student project)
Mar. 2000 "Lifespan Extension Issues" (Robert Bradbury)
Apr. 2000 "NASA and National Cancer Institute Join to Develop Nano-Explorers for the Human Body" (Renee Juhans) alternate URL alternate URL
Apr. 2000 "Medicine meets the final frontier" (Alan Boyle)
Apr. 2000 "Les Respirocytes. Un globule rouge artificiel: Conception exploratoire en medecine nanotechnologique" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) (in French, translation done by Patrick Macé)
Apr. 2000 "Why the future doesn't need us" (Bill Joy)
Apr. 2000 "Some Limits to Global Ecophagy by Biovorous Nanoreplicators, with Public Policy Recommendations" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) Summary by Greg Trocchia
Apr. 2000 "UF Researchers Develop Tiny Tool Kit to Study Genes and Unhealthy Cells" (Aaron Hoover)
Apr. 2000 "CU's new Keck program in nanobiotech supports graduate students" (Roger Segelken)
Apr. 2000 "Vitamin B: Quantum Dot" (Steve Waite, Max Jacobs)
Apr. 2000 "IBM and University Researchers Uncover New Biomechanical Phenomena Using Tiny Silicon Fingers. `Micromachines' could lead to new medical treatments, nano-robots" (Martin Hug, Charles Jenkins) Alternate URL
Apr. 2000 "Tiny Implantable Pump Assists Dying Hearts" (Peggy Peck), See also
Apr. 2000 "Medical Applications" (Steve Lenhert)
Apr. 2000 "Tauchen im Nanokosmos" (Gerald Traufetter, Der Spiegel) (in German)
Apr. 2000 "Robots del tamaño de una molécula podrán rastrear el organismo en busca de una lesión para reparar" (Myriam Lopez Blanco, El Mundo) (in Spanish)
May 2000 "The Frontiers of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine" (Maruo Ferrari, Viola Vogel, James R. Baker, Jr.) alternate URL
May 2000 "As Gadgets Shrink, They May Wind Up in Surprising Places" (Anne Eisenberg)
May 2000 "Biomolecules and Nanotechnology" (David S. Goodsell)
May 2000 "Life in the Fourth Millennium" (Steven Pinker)
May 2000 "Nanomedicine: The Wild and Wonderful" (National Genetics Society Online)
May 2000 "Video pill's `fantastic voyage'" (BBC News), See also
May 2000 "Ongoing High Profile Projects: Nanotechnology...Nanoclinics...Bioadhesive Nanomedicine", Also
May 2000 "Disenan robots minusculos para reparar danos celulares en humanos" (Dr. Guillermo F. Batarse) (in Spanish)
May 2000 "The moving parts inside your cells" (Kathleen Wren)
May 2000 "Biological computing" (Simson L. Garfinkel)
May 2000 "Nanomedicine: Dosing With Microcrystals" (Arlene Judith Klotzko)
Spr. 2000 "Cybernetics: An Uneasy Blending of People and Machines" (Christopher Hook)
Jun. 2000 "The Doctor That Floats in Your Bloodstream" (Karen Breslau)
Jun. 2000 "Small is getting big" (Dr. Alice Larkin)
Jun. 2000 "Sizing Up Nanotechnology" (Patrick McGee)
Jun. 2000 "Tiny Robots Could Prove Medical Boon" (Randolph E. Schmid) alternate URL; second alternate URL
Jun. 2000 "Microrobots could play a biotech role" (Alan Boyle)
Jun. 2000 "Clottocytes: Artificial Mechanical Platelets" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.) Also
Jun. 2000 "Recent Discoveries: BioNanomaterials" (Rutgers)
Jun. 2000 "Big Changes for Small Medicine" (Patrick McGee)
Jun. 2000 "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Shaping Biomedical Research" (BECON Symposium)
Jun. 2000 "`Nanobots' may be future of medicine" (Associated Press, USA Today)
Jun. 2000 "Microrobots for Micromotor-Size Objects in Aqueous Media: Potential Tools for Single-Cell Manipulation" (Edwin W.H. Jager, Olle Inganas, Ingemar Lundstrom), Alternate, More
Jun. 2000 "Engineered Communications for Microbial Robotics" (Ron Weiss, Thomas F. Knight, Jr.)
Jun. 2000 "Unlike Viruses, Bacteria Find a Welcome in the World of Computing" (Anne Eisenberg)
Jul. 2000 "Say `Ah!'" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.), alternate URL, Abstract, second alternate URL third alternate URL
Jul. 2000 "A Brief Discussion on Living Forever. Nanotechnology and us" (Jalapeno Brother Tom)
Jul. 2000 "FDA OKs Robo-Surgery" (Wired News Report)
Jul. 2000 "Biotechnology: We can rebuild him" (David Adam)
Jul. 2000 "The next big thing is small" (Phillip J. Longman, with Janet Rae-Dupree and Charles W. Petit), Alternate
Aug. 2000 "What's Next: Nanotechnology Promises Big Changes by Getting Small" (Jesse Berst)
Aug. 2000 "Touched by a Carbon Nanotube: Atomic Force Microscope Feels its Way into Biotech" (Bradley Fikes)
Aug. 2000 "Incredible Shrinking Doctors" (Dan Cray)
Aug. 2000 "Nanobots' Forebears" (Dan Cray)
Aug. 2000 "Let's Go to the DNA Zoo!" (Kristen Philipkoski)
Aug. 2000 "Ohio State to Host First Worldwide Biomedical Nanotechnology Conference" (Ascribe), Conference website, Alternate website
Aug. 2000 "Conference explores how to build a community structure for nanotechnology in biological and biomedical research" (Dave Amber)
Aug. 2000 "Brown engineering and neuroscience group wins grant for brain study" (Janet Kerlin)
Aug. 2000 "Fighting Infection Before It Strikes" (Nicolle Charbonneau)
Aug. 2000 "Brain Repair in the 21st Century" (Clive Svendsen)
Aug. 2000 "First successful use of drugs to extend lifespan" (Elizabeth Eshoo)
Aug. 2000 "Drug therapy significantly extends lifespan of worms" Holly Korschun
Aug. 2000 "Silicon Bugs" (Anil Ananthaswamy)
Aug. 2000 "Stop that virus" (Adrian Cho)
Aug. 2000 "The Future of Drugs is ... Exceedingly Tiny?" (Alan Hall)
Aug. 2000 "Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Will Be Evaluated As Diagnostic Tool for Small Bowel Disorders in Humans" (Given Imaging)
Sep. 2000 "Molecular Motors: New Data and Research in Applications for Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine" (Knowledge Foundation)
Sep. 2000 "Tiny Microchips Have Big Promise In Fighting Serious Diseases" (Holly Wagner), Alternate
Sep. 2000 "Microchips to Monitor Meds" (Mary Ann Swissler)
Sep. 2000 "Discovery of armored viruses may inspire new designs for nanotechnology" (Mark Shwartz)
Sep. 2000 "Joining Living Cells With Manufactured Materials" (UniSci)
Sep. 2000 "Will Serum Proteins Stick to Nanorobot Surfaces?" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Sep. 2000 "Live Wires" (Linda Wang) Alternate
Sep. 2000 "Research Paves The Way For Faster, Better, Cheaper DNA Detection Method" (Northwestern University) Also Also Also
Sep. 2000 "Liver Cells Can Function Even Better Outside the Body" (UniSci)
Sep. 2000 "Nanotechnology: A New Challenge for Veterinary Medicine" (Jose Feneque)
Sep. 2000 "U-Boote im Blut? Ihre Frage an die Zukunft" (Nanovision)
Sep. 2000 "A Foresight Special Report: Bioethics and Nanotechnology" (John Papiewski, Foresight Update 42)
Oct. 2000 "Future Tech: Neurocomputers" (Mark Sincell)
Oct. 2000 "Current Advances in Biotechnology and Nanomedicine" (State University of New York at Buffalo)
Oct. 2000 "Scientists Close on Extinct Cloning" (Heidi B. Perlman, AP)
Oct. 2000 "Review: A Gift From The Future" (Gregory M. Fahy)
Oct. 2000 "Light work" (Philip Ball)
Oct. 2000 "The coming era of nanorobots" (Laurent Levy)
Oct. 2000 "Microvision to Develop Microminiature Ultra-High Magnification Camera" (PR Newswire)
Oct. 2000 "The big science of nanomedicine" (Stephan Herrera)
Oct. 2000 "Nanotechnology: A Small World with a Big Future" (Linda R. Harteker)
Oct. 2000 "New Generation Of Decontaminates On The Horizon" (U.S. Medicine)
Oct. 2000 "Microscópicos médicos robot" (Meridianos Internacionales) (in Spanish)
Nov. 2000 "Teaching the Body to Heal Itself" (Nicholas Wade)
Nov. 2000 "Survey of brain imaging techniques with implications for nanomedicine" (Stephen S. Flitman) Abstract Paper
Nov. 2000 "Dreaming About Nano Health Care" (Mark K. Anderson)
Nov. 2000 "Mini Menace?" (Letters to the Editor from Bill Joy, Nadrian Seeman and Barry Kriegel, with response by Robert Freitas, regarding Freitas' July 2000 "Say Ah" article)
Nov. 2000 "Nanodentistry" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) (Journal of the American Dental Association, November 2000). Available free of charge until the end of 2001 and pay-for-view for non-subscribers afterward. Follow the link from "Archives" to November 2000 to "Nanodentistry". PubMed Abstract (HTML) Excerpt from Paper (HTML)
Nov. 2000 "Nanodentistry: Fact or Fiction?" (Titus L. Schleyer)
Nov. 2000 "Design and Development of a Nanoscale Microorganism Based Power Unit" (Eldrid Sequeira, Alicja J. Copik)
Nov. 2000 "Bug-propelled subs: Writhing bacteria could power micro-robots round your veins" (Mark Schrope, New Scientist) BBC News
Nov. 2000 "A Nanoscale Liposome Based Bioreactor" (Evgueni Pinkhassik, Evguenia Karimova, Alexey Wolfson, Anastasia Khvorova)
Nov. 2000 "A Biosensor for Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes" (Austin N. Kirschner, Stephen R. Wilson)
Nov. 2000 "Nanocopters leave the drawing board" (BBC News) Also Also Also
Nov. 2000 "Honey, I Shrunk the Robot!" (Denis Susac)
Nov. 2000 "The Nanotechnology Agenda: Molecular Machines and Social Transformation in the 21st Century" (Ed Merta)
Nov. 2000 "Awaiting the Miracles of Stem-Cell Research" (Alan Hall)
Nov. 2000 "As maquinas invisiveis do futuro: Nanotecnologia abrira as portas do mundo sub-microscopico" (Carlos Alberto Teixeira, Informatica Etc.) (in Portuguese)
Dec. 2000 "Science 2001. Nanotechnology: Honey, they've shrunk the world..." (Robin McKie, The Guardian, U.K.)
Dec. 2000 "On guard!" (Trisha Gura) Also
Dec. 2000 "C Sixty Enters Upscale Manufacturing Phase for Fullerene Based Anti-HIV Drug for Patients With AIDS" (press release, William Multi-Tech Inc.)
Dec. 2000 "DNA Motors Are Key to Virus Replication" (NSF News)
Dec. 2000 "Engineering the Biochip" (George Wise)
Dec. 2000 "Nanopyrexia" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Dec. 2000 "Prichadza storoeie nanomediciny?" (Medicina Zajtrajska) (in Slovak)
2000 "Tree Molecules Promise Nanomedicine" (Autodesk) alternate URL
2000 "Nanotechnology and Biomedicine. Health and Life Science Beyond 2000 -- A Story of Convergent Technologies" (Ottilia Saxl)
2000 "NanoCrystalsTM: Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Technology" (NanoSystems)
2000 "Tiny Terrors" (Ian Christe)
2000 "Want Chips With That?" (Don Rittner)
2000 "Nanometer scale Biosensor to detect RNA and DNA molecules" (Rajan Agarwal)
2000 "Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery" (M.C. Garnett, S. Stolnik-Trenkic, S.S. Davis)
2000 "Bioreactors for Organ Function Support" (M. Helen Grant)
2000 "Within A Nanometer of Your Life" (Allen J. Menezes, Vik J. Kapoor, Vijay K. Goel, Brent D. Cameron, Jian-yu Lu)


Jan. 2001 "Beyond Needles and Pills" (Leon Jaroff, Time Magazine)
Jan. 2001 "Medicine Gets Personal" (Marc Wortman)
Jan. 2001 "Nanotech Goes to Work" (David Rotman)
Jan. 2001 "Expert Opinion" (brief interview with James R. Baker Jr.)
Jan. 2001 "Technology: Honey, I shrunk the cogs" (Philip Ball)
Jan. 2001 "A Marvel of Biochemical Engineering Means Cells Can Produce DNA Enzymes to Attack Cancer" (Philip Cohen) Also
Jan. 2001 "Nanorobots may be the ultimate medical devices, Frost report posits" (Magdalena Morris)
Jan. 2001 "Nanodentistry" (YPB)
Jan. 2001 "Size Matters (Smaller Is Better)" (Beth Saulnier, Cornell Magazine)
Feb. 2001 "Hybrid NEMS" (Paul Sharke, Mechanical Engineering Magazine)
Feb. 2001 "Ecophagie Globale par des Nanoreplicateurs Biophages Limites et Recommendations pour y Faire Face" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) (in French, translation done by Patrick Macé)
Feb. 2001 "Synthetic virus nearing reality" (Jonathan Amos, BBC)
Feb. 2001 "Non-stick hips" (Philip Ball, Nature)
Feb. 2001 "Researchers to build micro brain monitors" (Kelly Hearn, UPI)
Mar. 2001 "Microbivores: Artificial Mechanical Phagocytes using Digest and Discharge Protocol" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.) Summary Article  Second Summary Article
Mar. 2001 "Macrodoctor, come meet the nanodoctors" (Kelly Morris, The Lancet) (free registration required to view)
Mar. 2001 "Company creating tiny medical tools" (Kelly Hearn, UPI) Also
Mar. 2001 "Tiny machines could aid space travel" (Kelly Hearn, UPI)
Apr. 2001 "Scientists create smart pill to diagnose cancer" (Lucy Adams, Sunday Times)
May. 2001 "Nanotech Looms Large for Meds" (Kristen Philipkoski, Wired)
May. 2001 "Nanoroboti - fantazie nebo prevrat v medicine?" (Vladimir Plesnik, in Czech)
Jun. 2001 "Medicine: A first generation of fullerene-based drugs is on the way" (Erika Jonietz, Tech Rev)
Jun. 2001 "Microbots hunt down disease" (BBC News)
Jul. 2001 "At nanoscale, the laws of humans may not apply" (Michael Becker, Small Times)
Jul. 2001 "Doctors little helpers" (Stephan Herrera, Red Herring)
Jul. 2001 "Bacterial back-stabbing" (Tom Clarke, Nature)
Jul. 2001 "Nanomedicine: The new frontier" (Kurt Samson, UPI)
Jul. 2001 "Will a chip every day keep the doctor away?" (Leigh Canham, Physics World)
Aug. 2001 "Buckyballs make fantastic voyage" (Jill Neimark, Wired)
Aug. 2001 "Duke researchers tree-like biomolecule under evaluation for applications in eyes and joints" (Mark Grinstaff, Duke News Service)
Aug. 2001 "Nanotech: the new frontier in biomedicine" (Kathy Kowalenko, IEEE)
Aug. 2001 "New nanotech application reduces blood-test result time" (Kathy Kowalenko, IEEE)
Sep. 2001 "How Nanorobots Can Avoid Phagocytosis by White Cells - Part I" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
Sep. 2001 "How Nanorobots Can Avoid Phagocytosis by White Cells - Part II" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
Sep. 2001 "Nanomedicine, Part I; Keep Taking the Molecules" (Georgia Moseley, Future Health)
Sep. 2001 "Scientists send in the small guns to help blow away brain cancer" (Rosemary Clandos, Small Times)
Sep. 2001 "Tiny tools to fix ailing bodies" (Adrian Rollins, Business Victoria)
Sep. 2001 "U.S. company opens nanotechnology medical research center in Singapore" (Dean Visser, Small Times)
Oct. 2001 "Cancer Fight Dips Into Microchips" (Daithi O'Hanluain, Wired)
Oct. 2001 "Movement of Single Molecules Imaged in Live Organism" (Joanna Downer, Johns Hopkins)
Oct. 2001 "Nanobiotic Lifesavers" (Jack Mason, Technology Review)
Oct. 2001 "Nanomedicine, Part II; The Miniscule Minefield" (Georgia Moseley, Future Health)
Oct. 2001 "Tiny Capsules Float Downstream" (Kristen Philipkoski, Wired)
Nov. 2001 "Joint NASA/NCI research to develop sensors for health monitoring" (Journal of Aerospace and Defense Industry News)
Nov. 2001 "Nanogenerator kills cancer cells" (UPI) Also
Nov. 2001 "Smart bandage could detect bacteria in wound" (UPI)
Nov. 2001 "Drug Delivers Longer-Lasting Isotopes toTumors" (J.R. Minkel, SciAm)
Nov. 2001 "Nanotechnology in Medicine" (Cosmin Deaconu)
Nov. 2001 "Nanomedicine - Overview: Graduate seminar in microsystem technology at Automation and Control Institute" (Katja Juhola, Institute of Materials Science, Tampere University of Technology) PDF
Dec. 2001 "Robots in the bloodstream: the promise of nanomedicine" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
Dec. 2001 "Volumetric Cellular Intrusiveness of Medical Nanorobots" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
2001 "The Smallest Frontier" (Univ. of Michigan, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Annual Report)


Jan. 2002 "An Anthrax Test In Your Palm" (Michael Stroud, Wired)
Jan. 2002 "Keep young and beautiful" (Claire Ainsworth)
Jan. 2002 "Nanocircles Act As Trojan Horse To Shut Down Disease-Causing Genes, Study Finds" (Stanford University)
Jan. 2002 "Nanorobots: The Future of Medicine" (Balaji K., Frost & Sullivan/
Jan. 2002 "NYU scientists one step closer to nanorobots" (Shonna Keogan) Alternate URL
Jan. 2002 "Scientists want to send nanobots to search and destroy brown tide" (Richard Acello) Alternate URL
Jan. 2002 "Voyage of the Nano-Surgeons" (NASA)
Feb. 2002 "QDC's Dots and Beads Shine New Light for Medical Researchers" (Allen Bernard)
Mar. 2002 "Nanotech Dreams" (Jeffrey M. Perkel, The Scientist) Login required
Mar. 2002 "The Vasculoid Personal Appliance" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
Apr. 2002 "Nanobiotech Makes the Diagnosis" (Alexandra Stikeman, Tech Rev)
Apr. 2002 "Take Three Buckeyballs Before Meals" (SpaceDaily)
Apr. 2002 "Vasculoid: A personal nanomedical appliance to replace human blood" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp., Christopher J. Phoenix) PDF url
Apr. 2002 "The machine in the molecule" (Bernie Napp)
Apr. 2002 Research proposes nanorobotic platelets and phagocytes" (
May 2002 "Nanopump Offers Meds on Demand" (Louise Knapp, Wired)
May 2002 "Nanotech May Aid Hospitals, Patients" (David M. Ewalt)
May 2002 "Shrinking technology helps the heard of hearing" (Vincent Landon)
May 2002 "A thousand dots of light" (Josh Wolfe, Forbes/Nanotech)
Spr. 2002 "In Whose Image? Remaking Humanity through Cybernetics and Nanotechnology" (C. Christopher Hook)
Jun. 2002 "Biomedical applications of nanotechnology" (Ineke Malsch, The Industrial Physicist)
Jun. 2002 "Nanotech will spur space medicine advances" (Scott R. Burnell, UPI)
Jun. 2002 "Unhealthy glow signals bioterror"  (BBC)
Jun. 2002 "Nanopharmaceuticals open up brand new field of study" (Arline Phillips-Han, UniSci)
Jun. 2002 "No Small Matter! Nanotech particles penetrate living cells and accumulate in animal organs" (ETC Group) Also PDF
Jul. 2002 "Selective nanofilters for proteins, DNA" (Univ. Calif. at Davis)
Jul. 2002 "Exploring the incredibly small - Medical nanorobots: just imagine the future..." (Medical Technology Focus, Eucomed Medical Technologies)
Jul. 2002 "Nanotech leading to diagnoses by handheld" (Sandra Guy, Chicago Sun-Times)
Jul. 2002 "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science" (NSF/DOC)
Jul. 2002 "U-M scientists to develop nanosensors for astronauts" (Sally Pobojewski, U. Mich.)
Jul. 2002 "How miniature radiation detectors will keep astronauts safe in deep space" (Heather Sparks,
Jul. 2002 "Synthesis of nanoparticles coming into focus" (R. Colin Johnson, EE Times)
Jul. 2002 "Artificial antibodies created by new molecular imprinting process" (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) Also
Jul. 2002 "A marriage of nanotech and biotech" (Amy Tsao, Business Week online)
Jul. 2002 "Exploring the incredibly small: Medical nanorobots" (Eucomed) Alternate
Jul. 2002 "Nanomedicine makes it better" (Liz Kalaugher,
Sum. 2002 "Nanomedicine: Special Delivery for Cancer Patients" (Stefan Franzen, Dan Feldheim, North Carolina State University)
Aug. 2002 "Could Medical Nanorobots Be Carcinogenic?" (Robert A. Freitas Jr., Zyvex Corp.)
Aug. 2002 "Nanomedicine and the Future of Healthcare" (Ole Peter Galaasen, Plausible Futures Newsletter) Alternate
Aug. 2002 "Nanomedicine: destination or journey?" (Cecilia Haberzettl, Nanotechnology) Abstract Paper
Aug. 2002 "Autonomous multi-robot sensor-based cooperation for nanomedicine" (Adriano Cavalcanti, Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Sep. 2002 "Nanosystem design with dynamic collision detection for autonomous nanorobot motion control using neural networks," (Adriano Cavalcanti, Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Sep. 2002 "Homing Peptides Mounted On Semiconductor Particles Deliver Tiny Payload To Cancerous Tissue in Live Mice" (AScribe Newswire, UCSD)
Sep. 2002 "Interview with Dr. James Talton of Nanotherapeutics" (Sander Olson,
Sep. 2002 "Ballistic' gives nano a bad name" (Scott R. Burnell, UPI Science News)
Sep. 2002 "Nanomedicine: The Next Little Thing" (David Ollier Weber, Health Forum Journal)
Oct. 2002 "Versatile New Nanotechnology Could One Day be Used to Track and Kill Cancer Cells, Customize Drug Delivery" (Ellen Goldbaum, State University of New York, University at Buffalo) Also
Oct. 2002 "A piconewton-forcemeter assembled from kinesin and microtubules and other devices based on motor proteins" (Henry Hess, John Clemmens, Robert Doot, Robert Tucker, Viola Vogel)
Oct. 2002 "Scanning Probe Microscopy With Landmark-Referenced Control For Direct Biological Investigations" (V.M. Ayres, F.M. Salam, N. Xi, D. Wang,)
Oct. 2002 "Multifunctional Gold Nanoparticles for Biomolecule Detection and Intracellular Drug Delivery" (Dan Feldheim)
Oct. 2002 "No Cyborg Nation Without FDA's OK" (Julia Scheeres, Wired Magazine)
Oct. 2002 "'Rinse and Spit' Takes on New Meaning in Dental Office of Future as Dentistry Goes Nanotech" (AScribe Newswire)
Oct. 2002 "Nanotechnology opens windows into medicine" (Carolina Amengual, The Daily News)
Nov. 2002 "Death Is An Outrage" (first public lecture of Robert A. Freitas Jr.) Also Also Also
Nov. 2002 "A Few Ways to Win Mortality War" (Kristen Philipkoski, Wired Magazine)
Nov. 2002 "The Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension" (Ray Kurzweil)
Nov. 2002 "Is Sapphire Biocompatible With Living Cells?" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Dec. 2002 "Cryonics Conference Brings Out Nanotech's Extreme Optimists" (Mark Frauenfelder, Small Times)
Dec. 2002 "Remote-control for bacteria: Radio waves switch proteins on and off" (Philip Ball, Nature)
Dec. 2002 "NANOTECHNOLOGY: Biology Offers Nanotechs a Helping Hand" (Robert F. Service, Science)
2002 "Diamond Teeth" (Edward M. Reifman, DDS)
2002 "The Future of Nanofabrication and Molecular Scale Devices in Nanomedicine" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.) Abstract
2002 "Within a nanometer of your life" (Allen J. Menezes, Vik J. Kapoor, Vijay K. Goel, Brent D. Cameron, Jian-yu Lu)
2002 "Fantastic Voyage" (Patrick Barry,
2002 "Nanomedicine - The Medical Revolution" (Albert Tsai, University of Southern California, Technology Commercialization Alliance)
2002 "The Applications and Research in Developing Nanorobots" (Saltzman, Cornell University)
2002 "The Emergence of Nanomedicine" (Rebekah Marcroft, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)


Jan. 2003 "Nanomedicine No Longer Just Hype, Report Says" (Betterhumans)
Jan. 2003 "Nanotechnology and Life Extension" (Chris Phoenix)
Feb. 2003 "Nanomedicine Taxonomy" (Neil Gordon and Uri Sagman, Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance)
Feb. 2003 "Vivir 300 anos?" (Pedro Pequeno, Baquia) (in Spanish)
Mar. 2003 "Nanotech improves disease detection" (UPI)
Mar. 2003 "Will Intracellular Medical Nanorobots Disrupt the Cytoskeleton (Part I)?" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)
Apr. 2003 "Life Made to Order" (Alexandra M. Goho)


May 2004 "Stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases: Progress and prospects" (Mykola Kovalenko, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)  Word .doc


2013 "Olympic athlete is on the run" (humorous fiction)
2050 "Respirocytes in Nanomedicine" (Robert A. Freitas Jr.)


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