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PC Computing ZDNN (MSN News) Poll on Chip Implants
27 September 1999

compiled by
Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2001-2002, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.

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Paul Somerson: "How would you like to avoid waiting in lines for the rest of your life? Breeze through everywhere like you owned the place. Watch lights snap on, doors open automatically, money pop out of ATMs as you approach. Never have to show an ID, buy a ticket, carry keys, remember a password. You would leave stores loaded with packages and waltz right past the cashiers. You wouldn't have to carry a wallet. Ever. Family and friends could find you instantly in any crowd."

Poll Question: Would you get a chip implant to take advantage of the possibilities envisioned here?

Poll Results (7840 responses): Yes 24%
No 76%

excerpted from: Paul Somerson, "Why You Should Get a Chip Implant," PC Computing ZDNN, 27 September 1999 (PC Computing, October 1999, p.87). Reproduced online here and here.


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