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NanoApex BioMEMS Implantation Poll
January 2003

compiled by
Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2001-2002, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.

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During the week of 31 December 2002 - 6 January 2003, the weekly online nanotechnology news service NanoApex ran a poll which asked its (most likely technophile) visitors the following question:

"Would you ever consider a BioMEMS implant for yourself to treat a medical condition?"

The poll results were reported on 7 January 2003 at 07:06:39 PST as follows:

Yes, I would be ecstatic! 35.86 % (52)
Yes, I would be willing to try it 54.48 % (79)
Only if that was my sole treatment option 4.14 % (6)
No, I would never consider it 4.14 % (6)
Undecided 1.38 % (2)

Reference: NanoApex presents This Week in Nanotech (12/31/02 - 1/6/03)


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