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2007 Foresight Unconference/Vision Weekend/Silicon Valley   November 3-4, 2007
Yahoo Building
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Speakers Last Time

Peter Diamandis
Chairman, Founder and President,
X Prize Foundation
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Ron Bailey

Ron BaileyReason Magazine, Science Correspondent
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Sharon Smith
Director of Technology, Lockheed Martin
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Michael Lesnick
Senior Partner, Meridian Institute
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Ralph Merkle
Georgia Tech
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Christine Peterson
Founder and VP Public Policy, Foresight Nanotech Inst.
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NanoBioInfoCognoSocioPhysical technologies & how to benefit from them all


We're in an avalanche of change, speeding up every day. New technologies fly by almost faster than we can track. Advances in physical tech, info tech, social tech create new mashups that impact us professionally and personally—mostly for good, but not always.

What's coming, and how will it affect you, your career, your economic and physical well-being?

And for the more active among us: How will you affect what's happening? Will you start the next company or write the new book that will change how the rest of us see our world? At the Vision Weekend, we know from experience that the answer for some is yes, you will!

How It Works

Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, November 4

  David Friedman David Friedman: Polymath whose creativity knows no boundaries, from economics to coming technologies to visionary fiction   Matt Francis Matt Francis: Rising star in nanotech, bringing us the latest & greatest in nanobio on the pathway to atomically precise construction  
  Chris Heward Chris Heward: If your goal is anti-aging, he's your man. We'll hear the latest advances on living longer   DEBATE
Privacy vs. security vs. transparency — Who decides: DC or Silicon Valley? We better get to work!  
Tim O’Reilly on open source at a previous event

We'll be covering these topics and the ones you add — to celebrate, create, or challenge new technologies:

•  Nanotechnology
  ◊  Atomically-precise construction & Productive Nanosystems Roadmap. We'll critique the first version and help create an improved one
  ◊  Near-term nanotech & entrepreneurial action
•  Nano careers: when and how to make your move
•  Artificial intelligence & cutting-edge software
•  Life extension
•  Prediction markets & reputation systems
•  Social software — Disruptive web technologies
•  Open source-style security for the physical world
•  Nanotech and privacy/openness
•  Accelerating Change
•  Human enhancement
•  Space development & settlement
•  Neurotech
•  Synthetic biology
•  Patent reform: "Peer to Patent" community patent review
•  Add your topic to the wiki

Join us for fifteen intense hours of mind-blowing creativity: from the biggest picture of tomorrow's Web to the tiniest picture of nanotechnology, from the nearest view of what's important right now, to the longest view of where we're inexorably going in a few decades—and how to steer and benefit from rapid change instead of being run over by it.

We've learned that you want a highly interactive meeting, so this year we'll be experimenting with a new format including big chunks of time for the Unconference meeting style that's taking the technical world by storm. Inspiration in the mornings—then you take over in the afternoons, crafting your preferred content collaboratively, in real time. Once you get a taste of this level of control, you won't want to go back to a talking-heads conference again.

We'll be meeting in Yahoo's beautiful conference center — thanks, Yahoo! — but only 200 of us can fit. Register now to ensure that you get in the door.

Read comments from past participants here.

Past participants include: Bruce Ames, Gregory Benford, Stewart Brand, David Brin, Sergey Brin, John Doerr, Eric Drexler, Esther Dyson, Doug Engelbart, Ed Feigenbaum, David Friedman, Leon Fuerth, John Gilmore, Bill Joy, Steve Jurvetson, Brewster Kahle, Ray Kurzweil, Lawrence Lessig, Marvin Minsky, Peter Neumann, Tim O'Reilly, Eric Raymond, Paul Saffo, Eric Schmidt, Peter Schwartz, Peter Thiel, Vernor Vinge, Roy Walford, Stephen Wolfram, and many others.

While participation in the Vision Weekend has traditionally been limited to Senior Associates of Foresight Nanotech Institute, this year as an experiment we have opened registration to friends of the organization as well. Join us!

We'll see you — and brainstorm, chat, & nosh with you — on November 3-4 at Yahoo HQ.

Wall chart from Unconference portion of Vision Weekend

Foresight Senior Associates

Gayle Pergamit describes her nanotech startup to Norm Wu

Foresight's Senior Associates are a community working to guide nanotechnology to improve the human condition and the environment. Not content to take a passive role, they step up to actually participate in Foresight's work to maximize and spread the benefits of nanotech while minimizing its downsides.

Senior Associates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and home countries. Most have some technical background and work in technology or science, but we also have members who are architects, artists, economists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, ethicists, full-time parents, futurists, investors, laborers, lawyers and law professors, management consultants, marketing, military, ministers, non-profit executives, philosophers, pilots, poets, PR professionals, professors, psychologists, sales, small business owners, sociologists, students, teachers, writers, venture capitalists, and a Viscount.

Most Senior Associates are based in the U.S., but a growing number of members come from around the world including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, and the U.K.

Dave Krieger reports on a breakout session

The Foresight Vision Weekend provides an "insider" forum where members gather and explore current trends and future consequences of nanotechnology in an informal environment. Participants develop, evaluate, and discuss ideas ranging from today's research and commercialization to 30-year prospects and beyond.

Our most recent Gathering was held October 22-23, 2005, in San Francisco, California. This year's Vision Weekend will take place in Sunnyvale, California, on November 3-4, 2007. We look forward to your participation!

Vision Weekend Photos

Dan Gillmor promotes citizen journalism
Eric Drexler, longtime members catch up on news
Paul Saffo projects mid-term nano advances
Greg Stock and Ray Kurzweil post-debate
Nanoinvesting Panel with Steve Jurvetson, Norm Wu
Nanosecurity discussion with Eric Drexler, David Friedman
Nano VC Steve Jurvetson compares notes with Robert Bradbury
Logitech founder, Pierluigi Zappacosta, Chuck Piercey
Christine Peterson outlines Foresight projects
Stewart Brand listens to Eli Yudkowsky on AI
Prediction markets
Reputation systems
Social software
Open source
Accelerating change
Space development
Synthetic biology
"Peer to Patent"
Your choice!

Speakers Last Time

Aubrey de Grey
University of Cambridge, UK
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Mike Honda

Congressman Mike HondaDNC Vice Chair
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Richard Jones
University of Sheffield, UK
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Neil Jacobstein
Chairman, IMM
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Chris Phoenix
Director of Research, CRN
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Patrick Hopkins
Patrick HopkinsMillsaps College
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Alan Goldstein
Alan GoldsteinAlfred University
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