2007 Vision Weekend Unconference Wall Chart

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  A End of Hall by Registration B Classroom 2, Projector, WP C Classroom 3, Projector, WB D Hallway Circle E Classroom 4 Projector, White Board F Classroom 5 front G Classroom 5 Back H End of Hall by window
Session 1, Day 1, 1-2 PM New Economy of Knowledge, Robert Grudin Cleantech: Myths, Politics and Venture Capital, Rich Helfrich Commercialization of a medical 'MECS' diagnostic device and how to migrate it to 'NECS', Dick Smith Benetech: Nonprofit technology development for the disabled, human rights & environmental community, Ann Harrison The need to re-engineer the human brain and how: an inquiry, Salim Ismail Open source biotech & Open science, Joseph Jackson Big Picture Life Extension, Will Wiser Nanotech Literacy: Brainstorm the patterns everyone should know about nano, Miguel Aznar
Session 2, Day 1, 2-3 PM Life Extension: Personal Strategies, Chris Peterson Ethics of Copyable People: Would you get in the transporter? Brad Templeton Virtual Worlds & NanoSim Demo, Melanie Swan Sustainable Energy Future, Robert Cormia Diamond Mechanosynthesis, Rob Freitas & Ralph Merkle Security, reliability and control of complex systems, Ravi Pandya Prizes that Spur Innovation, Anil Rathi
Session 3, Day 1, 3-4 PM Collective Choice: How Groups Make Decisions, Christopher Allen Open Source Physical Security, Chris Peterson Artificial Intuition, Monica Anderson Sustainable Transhuman Lifestyles, Eric Boyd Uploading: Really How to do It, Mark Voelker Converging Technology: Identifying opportunities & some possibilities, Brian Wang SENS:A View from the trenches & how can we go faster? Jeff Hall, Methuselah Foundation Many core vs the 7+ dwarves: Computing with 1000+ processors, Howard Landman
Session 4, Day 1, 4-5 PM The "Future" of Collaboration, Eugene Eric Kim Stem Cells & Aging: Building a Sustainable Human, David Larocca Rational & Irrational Altruism: Cognitive biases in futurist activism, Eliezer Yudkowsky Foresight.org Focus: Promote Benefits or Reduce Downsides? Chris Peterson When will MNT happen? Steve Vetter Identity: What is it? Why? Chip Morningstar New Economics of Entertainment, Erland Wittkoetter The Molecular Toolkit: Why it's cool, what we're building, will build; Gayle Pergamit
Session 5, Day 2, 12-1 PM Social issues involved in extreme longevity, Sonia Arrison Elections & e-voting, Ka-Ping Yee Recent Cryptography vs Quantum Computers: Making the Internet safe for terrorists, child pornographers, political dissidents, corporate whistleblowers…and everyone else, Howard Landman Nanotech & Poverty (& Patents), Javob Heller Emerging Technologies: Disruptive or Transformative? Phil Bowermaster Molecular Modeling, Forrest Bennett Extremely extreme future of architecture thru Nanotech, Fred Stitt Foresight Investment Initiatives discussion, Pearl Chin
Session 6, Day 2, 1-2 PM Design as Truth or Lie, Robert Grudin Productive Nanosystems Tech Roadmap: Next Steps, Pearl Chin New polymers for nanostructural self-assembly, Steven Fowkes Peer 2 Patent, Tom Plunkett Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence: Designing 2030, Steve Omohundro Molecular Otoolkit, Part 2! Gayle Pergamit Longevity & Money, Will Wiser Accelerate the "End of Advertising", Erland Wittkoetter
Session 7, Day 2, 2-3 PM Nanotech Literacy Part II: Brainstorm the Patterns Everyone Should Know about Nanotech, Miguel Aznar Ubiquitous vs. Ambient Computing: History & Forward to Designed Animism, Rob Tow Cryonics, Tanya Jones AGI & Virtual Worlds, Ben Goertzel Quantum Lithography vs Phase Shift Masking: Beating the Raleigh Limit, Howard Landman Supplement Leads (maybe), Will Wiser
Session 8, Day 2, 3-4 PM The Future of Engineering Software, Joel Orr Post-IT technoeconomic paradigm, including miniaturization, transportation, energy, etc. Universal System of Natural Units, Larens Imanyuel Mind Uploading: Recent advances in High-throughput quantitative neuroscience which give insight into how uploading might be approached, Todd Huffman Technological Armageddon, Michael Anissimov The energetic basis of Alzheimer's Disease, Stven Fowkes Moved to I Can we ever get…Ubiquitious Massive Symmetric Bandwidth? Michael