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1997 Senior Associate
Mini-Gathering was held May 2-4


Archive of Announcements for May 2-4, 1997, Senior Associate Gathering


To: Foresight members and friends
From: Chris Peterson, Foresight and IMM

This weekend's Senior Associate Mini-Gathering in Palo Alto was supposed to be a minor event, but it isn't working out that way, so we thought we'd better let you know in case you choose to join up and come to the meeting. (Also, feel free to forward this email to interested friends.)

Marvin Minsky to speak

The biggest surprise is that Marvin Minsky, an Advisor to Foresight, will be coming and will speak. "About what?" you may ask. With Marvin, one never knows, but it is always fascinating. Probably it will at least touch on nanotechnology.

Other confirmed speakers include: Eric Drexler, Ralph Merkle, Al Globus, Deepak Srivastava, Gayle Pergamit, Terry Stanley, and myself.

In the Senior Associate tradition, we will be asking various attendees to say a few words informally. Here are some folks who will be there and who we hope will step up to this, with speculation on what their topic might be: Marc Arnold (on the Feynman Prizes and why prizes are a great motivator), Wayne Gramlich (Web Enhancement), Thomas Landsberger (life extension), Jim Lewis (the Foresight and IMM web sites), Tom McKendree (nanotechnology for space development), Chip Morningstar, Ed Niehaus (PR issues in nanotechnology), Steve Vetter (investing in nanotechnology), Jim Von Ehr.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means; the attendees are many of our favorite folks and virtually all of them have fascinating things to say, either to the group or one-on-one.

To Attend, You Must Register Immediately!

If you want to come and haven't let us know yet, please do so IMMEDIATELY by email (office@foresight.org),
phone (+1 415 917 1122), or fax (+1 415 917 1123).

The fee is $95, to cover our direct costs for food, etc. The meeting is open to Senior Associates of Foresight, IMM, and CCIT; Senior Associates pledge at least $250 per year for five years. The meeting is off-the-record; no press coverage.


What to bring: videos to show (label with your name), favorite books to tell us about (again, label with your name), software on laptops (security of these is up to you -- one never knows in a hotel), favorite URLs, your resume if you'd like a new job, and a swimsuit so you can take advantage of the heated pool. [See below for details.]

      Hours are Friday, May 2 8 pm -10 pm Reception (i.e. party)
Saturday, May 3 10 am - 5 pm Sessions
Sunday, May 4 10 am - 5 pm Sessions

Dinners are self-assembling. Weather will probably be sunny, in the 70s (F) or possibly the 80s. Accommodation arrangements should be made directly with the hotel; request hotel information when you contact us.

We hope to see as many of you as possible. This is shaping up to be an extremely enjoyable meeting.

      -- Chris Peterson
Executive Director
Foresight Institute


Tentative Program (Subject to revision)

1997 Foresight/IMM/CCIT Senior Associates Gathering
Stanford/Palo Alto Holiday Inn
Palo Alto, California
May 2-4, 1997

      8 PM - 10 PM Gala Reception (Sequoia Room)
Bring videos to show, software on laptops to demo,
books to tell us about. (Or just bring yourself.)
      9:00 AM Meeting room opens for schmoozing (Reception Room)
      10:00-10:15 AM Welcome Chris Peterson
      10:15-10:45 AM Progress Report Eric Drexler
      10:45-11:00 AM Discussion  
      11:15-11:45 AM The View from PARC Ralph Merkle
      11:45-12:00 PM Discussion  
      12:00- 1:30 PM Italian Buffet Lunch (Poolside)  
      1:30- 1:45 PM Update on Zyvex Corp, nanotech startup Jim Von Ehr
      1:45- 2:00 PM Nanotech startup Philippe Van Nedervelde
      2:00- 2:15 PM Discussion of nanotech startups  
      2:15- 2:45 PM Technolibertarianism Dave Krieger
      2:45- 3:00 PM Discussion  
      3:00- 3:15 PM Caffeine break  
      3:15- 3:30 PM Radical High-tech Environmentalism Chris Peterson
      3:30- 3:45 PM Progress Report:
Public Opinion on Nanotechnology
Ed Niehaus
      3:45- 4:00 PM Discussion  
      4:00- 5:00 PM Talk by Marvin Minsky; discussion
      5:00 PM Adjourn to pool; self-assemble into dinner groups
Later Schmooze at pool and at bar (off the lobby)
      9:00 AM Meeting room opens for schmoozing (Reception Room)
      10:00-10:15 AM Nanotechnology Applications in Space Tom McKendree
      10:15-10:30 AM Discussion  
      10:30-10:45 AM Nanotechnology on the Web Jim Lewis,
Foresight/IMM webmaster
      10:45-11:00 AM Discussion  
      11:00-11:45 AM Web Enhancement Progress Report Chris Peterson, Wayne Gramlich,
Terry Stanley, Russell Whitaker
      11:45-12:00 PM Discussion  
      12:00- 1:30 PM Massive Sunday Brunch Buffet (Sequoia Room)
      1:30- 2:00 PM Computational Nanotechnology
at NASA Ames: Update
Al Globus
      2:00- 2:15 PM Comp Nanotech at NASA Ames, Cont. Deepak Srivastava
      2:15- 2:30 PM Discussion  
      2:30- 2:45 PM Prizes as an R&D Motivator Marc Arnold
      2:45- 3:00 PM Discussion  
      3:00- 3:15 PM Caffeine break  
      3:15- 3:45 PM Prospects for Significant Life Extension Thomas Landsberger
      3:45- 4:00 PM Discussion  
      4:00- 4:15 PM Antideconstructionism Chip Morningstar
      4:15- 4:30 PM Discussion  
      4:30- 4:45 PM So Now What Do We Do? Gayle Pergamit, Chris Peterson
      4:45- 5:00 PM Discussion  
      5:00 PM Adjourn to pool; frantically exchange promises to do email;
self-assemble into dinner groups or head for airport
      Later Schmooze at pool and at bar (off the lobby)
      Much later Meet again at fall nanotechnology research conference,
or next spring's Senior Associate Gathering


Initial Announcement

Dear Senior Associates:

We're trying an experimental Mini-Gathering of Senior Associates this year, based on requests from you that we not hold the Gathering and the main technical Foresight Conference concurrently in the fall.

So we're going to try moving the Gatherings to the spring, starting this year. Since we just had a Gathering a few months ago, this first spring Gathering will be more informal than usual, and possibly smaller as well. We plan to take this opportunity to have more group discussion and free conversation time than at previous meetings of this group.

When and Where

This year's Senior Associates Gathering will be held starting the evening of Friday May 2 through Sunday the 4th at the Holiday Inn in Palo Alto, California. The Gathering will begin with a reception on Friday from 8 to 10 PM. The programs on Saturday and Sunday will run from 10 AM to 5 PM, featuring informal talks and lots of group participation.


The cost of the Gathering will be $95, which includes the reception, two luncheons, and handouts. Dinners will be self-assembling. The weather in May is usually sunny with temperatures in the 70s and 80s(F). The hotel has a heated outdoor pool, so bring those swimsuits.

Registrations should be in by April 17, but if you miss the deadline you are still welcome to come to the Gathering. Just let us know as soon as possible. The $95 registration cost should be paid in advance to Foresight by check or credit card; if by credit card, just fax or mail us a note with the relevant information (name, amount, expiration date, signature, and mention that it's for the Gathering).

Accommodation arrangements

Accommodation arrangements should be made directly with the hotel. Reservations should be made as soon as possible and remember to mention that you are attending the "Foresight Conference" to obtain the lower conference room rate. Deposits in the amount of the first night's stay plus tax are required to guarantee reservations.

The room rate rate is $96.00, single or double occupancy, plus 10% local tax. Request hotel information when you contact us. The hotel is easily reached from two airports; San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International Airport. Shuttle vans and taxis provide ground transportation to the hotel.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in May!

--Elaine Tschorn, Project Manager, Foresight and IMM

PO Box 61058
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
tel 415-917-1122 (Foresight)
tel 415-917-1120 (IMM)
fax 415-917-1123
email: office@foresight.org (Elaine Tschorn)

If you are not yet a Senior Associate, find out more about the Senior Associates Program and fill out an application form.