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Comments by Senior Associates


"A highly stimulating interdisciplinary tour de force." --Ed Feigenbaum

"This is arguably the leading organization that truly combines scientific thinking and engineering thinking." --Aubrey de Grey

"A highly charged, intellectually stimulating weekend. I rearranged my schedule to be here." --Pierluigi Zappacosta

"Foresight Institute is the premiere organization projecting the societal impacts of technologies which will remake the human experience," --Brad Sherman, Congressman

"You won't find a more diverse group discussing more important issues anywhere else. Also, the sessions are very well timed!" --Brad Templeton

"This has been an excellent weekend. The best Gathering ever. I'm especially happy with the increasing diversity of members. The brainstorming system was very good..." --David M. Anderson

"Most fun at a conference in my institutional memory." -Jeff "Hemos" Bates

"A great and brain-jazzing experience -- a real thought-hunting expedition I'll want to make as often as I can!" --Greg Bear

"Expecting the unexpected is good practice for explicating the inexplicable, and finally for effing the ineffible...Much enjoyed the weekend. Learned a lot -- the real point. Thanks!" --Gregory Benford

"This is the place to find out where we are going and how we can each help to shape the future." -Robert Berger

"It was a great gathering of independent thinkers from all over this rambunctious civilization. Proof positive that the spirit of bold amateur thinking is not dying, but thriving, more brash than ever." --David Brin

"Cool event." -Damien Broderick

"Within twelve hours of my first Senior Associate gathering, I have been able to meet dozens of people that will be able to help my startup company Libraria, Inc. become successful. I met both technical and business people that can help make a startup vision into a successful company. They will become employees and investors at the early stage. I feel that we are witnessing the intersection of ideas with opportunities at the May Senior Associate Gathering." -Barry Bunin

"I haven't exercised that many brain cells in a long time." -Dave Calverley

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Optimism burned brightly here -- what a step forward!" --Matt Day

"Regardless of your professional background, interests, dreams or desires, they will be expanded by the Foresight experience." -Rigo Dillon

"Fascinating, engaging, stimulating, fun and exhausting." -James Douma

"An intriguing conference!" --Esther Dyson

"Very very worthwhile for me. Big vote of appreciation for Chris, Matt and supporters." --Doug Engelbart

"It fascinated me, stimulated me, energized me, educated me, and scared the hell out of me all in two days." -S. Farrington

"Fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas with intelligent, creative people. Working with Vernor Vinge on a work of fiction was a high point." --Peri Frantz

"If you attended past conferences, you are necessarily infected with an incurable disease that will last a (long) lifetime. The deeper your symptoms, the better the world will be sooner." --Christopher Fry

"Thank you very much for the best gathering of ingenious people discussing interesting and important technical, ethical, and social issues which I have ever attended. I left feeling more informed, exhilarated, and deeply disturbed by some of the ethical and moral issues which we must face as this transition occurs..." --Jerome E. Garcia

"An interesting experiment in group genius mind melding." --John Gilmore

"Great community of vibrant people." -Louise Gold

"Mindblowing! A singular experience!" -Pat Gratton

"A milestone in our journey to better understand our future." --Robin D. Hanson

"Totally useful and unique. We are entering a new realm of the means of innovation. People who want to be stakeholders in the future need to watch this process." --Jan Hauser

"Imagine being surrounded by brilliant people bombarding you with strange and wonderful ideas for almost 3 days. Imagine surviving and going home not quite the same person. Stunning and intense. I'll be back." -Jack Hughes

"If I concentrated, I could sort of understand about 75 percent of the ideas floating around. But I was operating at the edge of my comprehension all the time, which is exhausting...It was fun. Excellent snacks." --Joanne Jacobs

"Thanks for bringing the group together, inviting me, and continuing to move forward the legal, social and ethical aspects of the new technologies." -Bill Joy


"This is mind candy for my soul. Having attended for two years now, this event stands alone in my mind as an opportunity to explore new horizons, challenge assumptions, and turbocharge a pursuit of lifetime learning. Too few people are brave enough to ask what could be-what could go right, how can we create our future...Those people are here!" --Steve Jurvetson

"Two things were very stimulating: meeting in small groups, and being asked to produce a work product. Every conference would benefit from those!" --Ted Kaehler

"I had fun. Fun is good. Great hallway conversations. Let's do it again." -Dick Karpinski

"Terrific experience for one of the unenlightened! Can't imagine a more delightful introduction to the world of nanotechnology...Thanks for including me." --Suzanne Kelly

"Informative and inspiring." -Don Klemencic

"It was a unique and exhilarating experience to actually be with a large group of people who have sophisticated, enlightened, and thoughtful ideas about the future." -- Ray Kurzweil

"The extropian extravaganza of the year!" -Ken Lang

"Ever wonder what the next 20 years is going to bring? This gathering brought together the people who are creating the future!" -Hank Lederer

"People I wouldn't have met anywhere else -- but needed to. People I haven't seen for years -- but should have. Thanks for the chances and second chances." --Doug Lenat

"Wow! To see the number of participants growing so fast and to see the dedication and enthusiasm of the Foresight leading thinkers and staff grow also is great! It gives courage to go on with it. We need Foresight for all the good reasons, most of all to build a better future for our children and ourselves. As Bill Clinton said it: 'We owe it to our future.' Foresight said this long before Clinton said it." -Jo Lernout

"From the documents on the web, it looks like all the really deep issues were brought up. Thanks for making it possible for us to see what was going on remotely." --John McPherson, electronic participant

"Tremendous energy, chaos, enthusiasm, groping and formation of solutions." --Max More

"Definitely the best conference in this genre that I've been to... I was totally impressed." --Luke Nosek

"I learned a lot about leading and joining groups and creating products. I'll be using this for years!" --Chris Phoenix

"A great opportunity to talk to some very smart and interesting people. I learned a lot and taught a little." --Steve Postrel

"A lot of fun -- interesting minds at play." --Virginia Postrel

"I loved the conference. First time I really needed some clones to attend all the events." --Steve Pruitt

"This was very enlightening." -Bruce Ratcliff

"Fascinating schmoozathon!" -- Eric S. Raymond

"Cool conference -- very stimulating and refreshing -- so many of my heros here." --James L. Rice

"Fun, challenging, and informative." -Brian Schar

"As always, my mind and visions are vastly expanded." -Max Sims

"Very rewarding." --Fred Stitt

"This was an extraordinary gathering of stimulating, diverse people. One great conversation after another. I went home filled with new ways of moving ahead with my writing and thinking. A wonderful experience." -- Gregory Stock

"Gatherings like this should be more often!" -Sabine Stoeckel, Germany

"I haven't had such a high concentration of great conversations in years." -- Dave Thau

"It's an absolutely fabulous event!" -- Eric Tilenius

"Had a great time and was exposed to fascinating ideas -- and, more importantly -- fascinating sources of ideas." --Vernor Vinge

"One of the best times I've had at a conference, ever! Looking forward to the next one!" --Charles Vollum

"Meet leading world thinkers in technology. Quality dialogue." -Brian Wang

"Probably the most productive three days I have ever spent on matters of utility and concern to me. Illuminating, stimulating, energizing. Superbly organized, run by user-friendly people." -Leon Weiner

"I truly love the passion, creativity, acceptance of change, technological excitement and revolutionary thinking that imbues every electron of this magnetic community." -Michael Worry

"The first time I attended a conference in this format. A great experience in itself. The people in this group are phenomenal. The topics fascinating. Thank you all who have worked to put this together." --Pierluigi Zappacosta

"I found the conversations topical and of critical value. I got a lot of great information and met some truly amazing people, and picked up cutting insights." -Anonymous

"Once again, a stellar gathering of diverse, interesting minds tackling the most important issues of the next century." -Anonymous




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