Foresight Perspectives Workshop Series

The Perspectives Workshop Series is off the record;
no media writeups please.

The Foresight Perspectives Workshops are a series of small, intensively supported, highly interactive full day sessions, each focused on a specific topic of major importance in emerging technologies. Often, these topics are highly controversial. Always, they will have major impact on our organizations, careers, and personal lives.

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The goal

We focus on bringing participants up to speed as fast as possible, enabling not only informed decisions after the event, but the more ambitious goal of rapid group work during the event itself which actually goes beyond state-of-the-art thinking on the topic at hand A given challenge will be examined, potential solution approaches generated, and an action plan implemented — all within one very full day of work. Our assumption is that participants are able to grasp new concepts rapidly, able to think clearly about systems, and take an action-oriented, hands-on approach to problem-solving.


The venue

We meet in Silicon Valley, the eye of the technological hurricane. But not in some boring hotel or office—it's a unique group-augmentation environment called KnOwhere Palo Alto. Check it out at:


The process

We use the DesignSession process, a highly evolved group achievement process with a good track record at producing impressive results in a one day format. Companies from start ups to HP, Cisco to Ernst & Young have solved organizational challenges in DesignSessions. Deliverables for each session include a password protected website where the groupıs work is fully documented and available for continued interaction and annotation for one year post event.

The first five participants to confirm for each session have the opportunity to advise in the selection of one or more "invited guests" to invite for that event. These are experts in the field under discussion who are present to give capsule summaries, answer questions, and help keep the group on track regarding the technology being examined.

Comments on similar events by previous participants are available on the web at:

For more on the process, see the web for the full text of the book Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work, also available in paperback:


The price

Invitations to participate in the Perspectives workshops are a member benefit for those who join Foresight Institute at or above the Friend level—$5000 per year for five years. In addition, a $1500 participation fee per workshop is assessed to cover meeting expenses.


The sponsor

The Perspectives series is sponsored by Foresight Institute, a nonprofit educational organization focusing on emerging technologies, especially nanotechnology. Proceeds from the Perspectives series help fund Foresightıs year round education work in nanotechnology as well as extensive public outreach via the web.


Preliminary Schedule for 1999-2000 Series

Sponsored by Foresight Institute
Held at KnOwhere Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California

Dates and topics subject to change based on participant demand.

Encryption: Cryptomoney and the End of (Most) Taxes
Friday, September 10, 1999

Nanotechnology: Early Anticipation Effects on Corporate Strategy
Thursday, October 14, 1999

Software Patents Considered Harmful
November 1999

Open Source Software: Decision Time for Buyers and Vendors
December 1999

Ubiquitous Surveillance: Private Lives Made Public by Cheap Video Recording and Chemical Detection
February 2000

The Future of Copyright: Paper Law in a Digital World
March 2000

Open Source—It Isn't Just for Software Anymore: Applying the Open Source Model to Business, Government, Law & Finance
April 2000

Bottoms Up: How the Web Will Marginalize Traditional Media
May 2000

Radical Medicine: the Undercover War on Aging
June 2000

Experimental Human Biostasis: Is it for You?
July 2000

The World Market for Law: Jurisdiction-Free Transactions through Distributed Secure Computing
August 2000


Registration Information

You can use one of the following forms to register for Perspectives Workshops. If you are currently a Senior Associate at the Friend level, fill out only the Workshop Registration Section. If you are not yet a Senior Associate at the Friend level, then fill out both the Friend Sign-Up Section and the Workshop Registration Section.

Senior Associate membership donations and registration fees may be made by VISA, MasterCard, check or international money order valid in the U.S. Make checks payable to "Foresight Institute"; checks and bank drafts must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank. Donations with payment by credit card may be faxed, or you may use a secure server for on-line donation.

Foresight reserves the right to postpone workshops which have not met minimum participant requirements at least two weeks prior to event. If this occurs, event fees will be refunded 100%.