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Spring 2000 Foresight/IMM
Senior Associates Gathering

Spring 2000 Gathering Program

Senior Associates at Work and/or Play


Jeff "hemos" Bates: cofounder, Slashdot

Eric Raymond, Chris Peterson, Dean Tribble, Marty Edelstein, Chris Hibbert

Yakira Heyman, Director of Development and K. Eric Drexler, Foresight Chairman, nanotechnologist; author, Engines of Creation, Nanosystems

Ralph Merkle: nanotechnologist, Zyvex; co-inventor, public key cryptography

David Friedman: law professor, author Machinery of Freedom

Robert Grudin: humanities author/philosopher, "of all the work being done in the academic humanities today, Grudin's writings are the most relevant to real-world efforts to improve the human condition"

Bill Joy: cofounder and Chief Scientist, Sun Microsystems

Steve Jurvetson: managing director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson; "The Valley's Sharpest VC"

Matt Taylor, designer, inventor, teacher, facilitator

Neil Jacobstein, Chairman of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing and Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute


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