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Archive for 2003 Senior Associate Gathering

Visions of the Nanofuture, a Tech Central Station column by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, reports on this event and includes some video interviews with participants, including Lawrence Lessig, Congressman Brad Sherman, and Eric Drexler.

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Foresight Vision Weekend
Annual Senior Associates Gathering
"Molecular Myth, Manufacturing, Money and Mania—
Will the real nanotechnology please self assemble!"

May 2-4, 2003
Hotel Crowne Plaza Cabaña Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California

This event is open to current and new
Senior Associates
The meeting is off the record; no media writeups please.

An optional tutorial on Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
will precede the Gathering, May 2 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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  • Nanotechnology
  • Radical life extension
  • Expanding biosphere into space
  • Repairing environmental damage
  • Openness vs. privacy
  • Machine intelligence: could we be surprised?
  • Encouraging open technologies
  • Preventing abuse of technology
  • Spreading tech benefits to "have nots"
  • Reining in "intellectual property" law
  • Speeding up change to reduce risk?
  • Action plans

Senior Associates at Work and/or Play: Photos from previous Gatherings

What: Foresight's Annual Brainstorming-Planning-Actionfest & Nanoschmoozathon Huge revolutions in technology are expected to show up in the next 5-to-30 years — come hear what they are, how they'll change your life, and how to influence them.

Who: Those most able to see what's ahead — and consider what to do about it. As a group we have technical skill, entrepreneurial drive, financial resources, experience in effecting change, and the sheer pigheaded determination to make a difference.

When: May 2 evening through May 4, 2003. We'll start with a reception at 7 PM Friday and wrap up at about 5 PM Sunday.

Where: Palo Alto in Silicon Valley — the birthplace of disruptive new technologies — at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Cabaña

How: No passive listening — the emphasis is on intense interaction.

Why: To plan the future of your career, your family, and your organization, you need to know what's coming.

Thinking about the coming changes — even the positive ones — can be intimidating when done solo. Join us as we take our annual group swim into the memepool of the future.

Come exercise your foresight muscle. There's nowhere to get a better view of the wild decades ahead.

Eric Drexler
Bill Joy
Paul Saffo
David Brin
Christine Peterson
David Friedman
Doug Engelbart


Confirmed Speakers

  Eric Drexler: Nanotechnologist and author of Engines of Creation and Nanosystems, Eric will give us the big picture on small technology and how to get the upsides without the downsides K. Eric Drexler Lawrence Lessig Lawrence Lessig: freedom fighter of the digital world; author, The Future of Ideas: Fate of the Commons in the Connected World; Stanford law prof  
  Steve Jurvetson: The world's top nanotech venture capitalist, Steve knows where the money is in nanotech — and he's going to share this info with us! Steve T. Jurvetson Christine Peterson Christine Peterson: Foresight's president serves as the bridge between today's nanotech efforts and the powerful "4th generation" we can expect in, say, 2020. How fast is this coming, and what should we do about it?  
  Ed Feigenbaum: AI pioneer at Stanford, winner of the ACM Turing Award, and former Chief Scientist of the US Air Force, Prof. Feigenbaum brings a new perspective to the attainment of AI in the 21st century, and proposes a modification to the famous Turing Test for computational intelligence. Ed Feigenbaum Peter Schwartz Peter Schwartz: author of The Art of the Long View, internationally renowned business strategist, and "one of the five most influential futurists", Peter spotted nanotech very early. He'll sketch his expectations for this profoundly disruptive technology.  
  Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) of the US House Science Committee may be the first lawmaker to "get" both molecular manufacturing and AI. Brad Sherman Ralph C. Merkle Ralph Merkle: The leading computational nanotechnologist gives us this year's "Top Ten" nanotech achievements and sketches how to get to real molecular manufacturing  
  Neil Jacobstein, chairman of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, President and CEO of Teknowledge Corporation, and a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute, who has led Socrates seminars there on molecular biology, nanotechnology, and renewable energy. Neil Jacobstein Brad Templeton Brad Templeton: Brad chairs the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading cyberspace civil rights foundation. He's entertaining too -- he created and publishes rec.humor.funny, the most widely-read USENET newsgroup.  
  Eliezer Yudkowsky: Research Fellow at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Eliezer has identified a major risk from nanotech's expected sudden jump in computing power — and how to reduce that risk. Eliezer Yudkowsky Aubrey de Grey Aubrey de Grey: University of Cambridge researcher Dr. de Grey is an expert in methods to extend the human lifespan and a leader in bringing this controversial field into the scientific mainstream.  


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