Foresight Update 14

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Foresight Update 14 was originally published 15 July 1992.
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Table of Contents

Senate Interest in Nanotechnology
Molecular nanotechnology: a biological and ecological perspective
Range of applications
Research directions and funding
Research in the U.S., Japan, and Europe
Policy issues
Evaluating molecular nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Definition
Open Conference on Nanotechnology
Gerald Feinberg
Upcoming Events
Recent Progress: Steps Toward Nanotechnology
    Medicinal nanomachines
Protein machines
Protein design
Nanosensing and manipulation
Carbon structures
Policy Watch
    MITI Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Project
First Nanomachine Animation
Recent Events and Media
Interview: Jim Bennett
Executive Director Notes
IMM Gifts from Autodesk, EFF
Engines of Creation available online
Foresight Online
Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group
New Faces at IMM
Books of Note
Upcoming Book: Nanosystems
JBIS on Nanotechnology
Foresight Awarded Autodesk Grants
Thank You
Foresight Perspective & Policy

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A publication of the Foresight Institute
Preparing for nanotechnology
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Stewart Brand
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Prof. Marvin Minsky

Peter Schwartz
Global Business Network
Board of Directors

President  K. Eric Drexler, Ph.D

Secretary-Treasurer  Chris Peterson

James C. Bennett
Executive Director  James Dinkelacker, Ph.D.

Editor  Chris Peterson

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Project Manager  Jane Nikkel

Publication date  15 July 92

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