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Foresight Update 23

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Photos from the Fourth Foresight Conference
on Molecular Nanotechnology

Conference chair Ralph Merkle, far right,
makes a point to Richard Smalley of Rice, far left

Caltech chemist William Goddard explains a technical point

Foresight chairman Eric Drexler (right) presents
Feynman Prize to NYU chemist Nadrian Seeman

Lunch itself couldn't compete with the amusing
and educational Feynman Prize lecture given
by NYU chemist Nadrian Seeman

The 1995 Feynman Prize won
by NYU chemist Nadrian Seeman

Standing room only: the conference doubled in size this year

Harvard chemist George Whitesides draws
a crowd with his self-assembly work

Tracy Handel of UC Berkeley sketches
a major advance in protein engineering

IMM chairman and Teknowledge president Neil Jacobstein
gives nanotechnology entrepreneurs insights from the computer industry

Foresight chairman Eric Drexler reviews the poster presentations
at this year's Foresight Conference

Foresight Update 23 - Table of Contents | Page1 | Page2 | Page3 | Page4

From Foresight Update 23, originally published 30 November 1995.


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