Foresight Update 24

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Foresight Update 24 was originally published 15 April 1996.
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Foresight Institute Offers Feynman Grand Prize
NRL Surveys European Nanotechnology
European Nanotechnology Conference
Scientific American without the Science
"...One Very Large Step for Mankind"
Japanese "Atomcraft Project" Goals, Report
Recent Progress: Steps Toward Nanotechnology
    Protein and Peptide Design
Helical Bundle Structures
Self-Assembled Nanotubes
Redesigning hodrophobic cores
Catalytic Antibodies
Reactive Compound Immunogens
Aldol Condensation with Catalytic Antibodies
A Protein/Polymer Actuator
Diagnostic Techniques
Protein Crystal Growth
NMR Probe Spectra
Larger Scale Components From Biological Systems
Capping Microcubules
DNA Sequence
Ab Initio Calculations
Lego Assembler
Flipping Dimers
Nanotube Advances
Nanotube Field Emitters
Carbon Atomic Wire Emitters
Scanning Probe Techniques
Nanometer Scale Particles
Law in Technology
Media Watch
Web Watch
Foresight Upgrades Web Site
Upcoming Events

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