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Merkle Honored for Pioneering Public-Key

Foresight Institute board member Ralph Merkle holds the distinction of having contributed significantly to two separate fields. In February, he was recognized for his pioneering cryptographic work when he was awarded The Association for Computing's (ACM) Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award. The award was presented to Merkle and five others "for the conception (in 1976) and first effective realization of public-key cryptography. The idea of a public-key cryptosystem was a major conceptual breakthrough that continues to stimulate research to this day, and without it today's rapid growth of electronic commerce would have been impossible," ACM said.

"The increased use of shared communications channels, particularly wireless and local area networks (LAN's), leads to greater connectivity, but also to a much greater opportunity to intercept data and forge messages," said Peter Wegner, chair of ACM's Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award committee and computer science professor at Brown University. "The only practical way to maintain privacy and integrity of information is by using public-key cryptography."

ACM is a major force in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students. ACM serves its global membership by delivering cutting-edge technical information and transferring ideas from theory to practice. ACM, with its world-class journals, magazines and books, dynamic special interest groups, numerous conferences, workshops, and electronic forums, is a primary resource to the IT field. For additional information about ACM and the award, visit its web site.

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Special thanks this issue go to all those who participated in our end-of-year fundraising campaign, which worked especially well this year for at least two reasons: (1) the two-for-one matching fund donated by a Senior Associate, and (2) tracking fundraising progress on the web, so donors could see exactly how we were doing, i.e. how much we needed to reach our goal - which we did.

Extra-special thanks go to our new Board of Directors members: Ralph Merkle at Foresight Institute, Linda Vetter at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, and Glenn Reynolds at Center for Constitutional Issues in Technology. For introducing Linda to IMM, we thank long-time Senior Associate Steve Vetter.

For investment tips on how to maximize the size of our Feynman Grand Prize fund, we thank Marc Arnold and Jim Von Ehr.

Most Foresight members are aware that the two people who really keep our organization going are the two who run the office: Elaine Tschorn and Judy Hill. In the background are those who keep the workhorse Macintosh computers going: Marcia and Stephen Seidler. We rely on Russell Whitaker as technical leader on the Hyper-G project using our two new PCs.

For sending information, we thank Ray Alden, Jon Alexandr, John Burke, Tom Cheyney, Richard Counihan, John Faith, Dave Forrest, Chris Jones, Samuel Lin, Joy Martin, Tom McKendree, David Pescovitz, James Rice, Jeff Soreff, Alvin Steinberg, Franklin Van Ardoy, and Russell Whitaker.

--Chris Peterson, Executive Director, Foresight Institute

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Upcoming Events

Nanotechnology Applications in a Space-Based Environment, March 25, RAND Critical Technologies Institute & National Space Society, Washington, DC. Speaker Ralph Merkle. Tel 202-296-5000 x5276, fax 202-296-7960, email
Science Forum on Nanoscale Science and Technology, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, March, Spain, invitational. Dr. M. Nieto-Vesperinas, Inst. Cienca de Materiales, C-III, Universidad Autonoma, Cantoblanco, E-28049, Madrid, Spain
European Workshop on Microtechnology and Scanning Probe Microscopy, April 7-9, Mainz, Germany. Goal: to discuss needs of next generation SPMs, "an important prerequisite for advances in nanotechnology." Dr. Abraham, tel +49-6131-990-130, fax +49-6131-990-305, email
Second European Symposium of the Protein Society, April 12-16, Cambridge, England. Includes protein design. Tel 301-530-7010, fax 301-530-7014, email
Senior Associate Gathering, May 2-4, Palo Alto. Annual meeting of Foresight, IMM, and CCIT Senior Associates to discuss nanotechnology, other coming technologies. Tel 415-917-1122, fax 415-917-1123, email
Nanomeeting-97, Belarausian State Univ, May 19-23, Minsk, Belarus. Includes nanotechnology, atomic engineering instruments, software for nanotechnological instrumentation, "chemical synthesis of nanostructures on the basis of scanning probe fabrication." Prof. Borisenko, tel +375-172-398-869, fax +375-172-310-914, email
Ninth International Precision Engineering Seminar & Fourth International Conference on Ultraprecision in Manufacturing Engineering, May 26-30, Braunschweig, Germany. Includes SPM; "Trends and Priorities in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology." Tel +49-531-592-5300, fax +49-531-592-5305, email
Nanotechnology: Materials, Manufacturing, and Applications, Cambridge Healthtech Institute, June 26-27, San Francisco. Nanostructured materials, molecular manufacturing, atomic structures and manipulation, electronics, micromachines and devices. Similar to Foresight Conference series. Tel 617-630-1300, fax 617-630-1325, email
On the Edge: Exploring Tomorrow's High-Risk, High-Payoff Technologies, Index Vanguard, July 15-16, Philadelphia. Includes nanotechnology and ultrascale computing. Index Vanguard, Cambridge, MA; Tel 617-492-1500
American Vacuum Society Annual Meeting8, Oct 20-24, San Jose, CA. Includes nanoscale science & technology. Tel 212-248-0200, fax 212-248-0245, email
Tutorial on Critical Enabling Technologies for Nanotechnology, Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1997, Hyatt Hotel, Palo Alto, California. This tutorial will provide an introduction and overview of four relevant fields, as well as a consideration of how the advances in each will address the challenges raised by the design of any molecular manufacturing system.
Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, Nov. 5-8, Palo Alto, CA. Enabling science and technology, computational models. Contact Foresight, tel 415-917-1122, fax 415-917-1123, email
7th International Symposium on Molecular Electronics and Biocomputing, Nov. 10-12, Nanjing, PR China. Tel +86-25-361-9983, fax +86-25-771-2719, email

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Foresight Update 28 was originally published 30 March 1997.