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Thank You

Tracking all those who make a difference to our organizations has become impossible. Here is a sample of those deserving mention this quarter:

Special continuing thanks to Carol Shaw for continuous database development support, and to Jeff Soreff for technical evaluation of nanotechnology progress and the Nanomedicine book.

New thanks to Jim McCoy of Yahoo! (formerly for help with CritSuite. Also new to the project are Bill Frantz and Eric Messick. Thanks to John Walker for offering server space on his US mirror site. Thanks to Matt and Gail Taylor of the Palo Alto KnOwhere Store for offering to host the 1999 Senior Associate Gathering. Ongoing thanks to Jim Von Ehr and Ravi Pandya for help with the Distinguished Student Award. Thanks to Eric Raymond and Tim O'Reilly for enabling us to participate in the first Open Source Developer Day; to Max Becherer for HTML help on our open source project; to Greg Burch for providing a lead on a potential staff member; and to Virginia Postrel and Bob Poole of Reason for publicizing our Openness and Privacy online critical discussion in their magazine.

Special Thanks to Chris Sapyta for volunteering to design the first Foresight poster to be sold at this year's conference, and for helping to produce the new Senior Associate art work.

For sending information, thanks go to: Jon Alexandr, Max Becherer, Doug Denholm, John Faith, Dave Forrest, Graham Houston, Joe Hovey, Stan Hutchings, Marie-Louise Kagan, Markus Krummenacker, Spencer MacCallum, Raymond McCauley, Tom McKendree, Vik Olliver, Chris Phoenix, Bruce Ratcliff, Gregory Sullivan, Dean Tribble, Brian Wang.

Chris Peterson, Executive Director, Foresight Institute.

Foresight Update 34 - Table of Contents


Upcoming Events

Fifth Int'l Conference on Nanometer-scale Science and Technology, Aug 31-Sept 4, 1998, Birmingham, UK. Contact Institute of Physics, tel +44-171 470 4800, fax +44-171-470-4900, email Second Announcement for the conference is available at

Nanotechnology in Carbon and Related Materials, September 9-11, 1998. University of Sussex at Brighton, U.K. "This conference is designed to introduce those with an interest in materials to current research in carbon technology and to bring together research scientists working various disciplines in the area of nanotubes and fullerene-related nanostructures." Further information:

2nd Intl. Conference on Evolvable Systems: From Biology to Hardware, Sept. 24-26, 1998. Lausanne, Switzerland. Includes self-replicating hardware, self-repairing hardware, applications of nanotechnology. Tutorials include "An Introduction to Molecular and DNA computing" by Prof. Max H. Garzon and "An Introduction to Nanotechnology" by Dr. James K. Gimzewski. Email, details on the Web at

Second International Conference on Complex Systems. October 25-30, 1998. Nashua, NH. Host: New England Complex Systems Institute ( Conference themes are: emergence, structure and function; informatics; complexity; dynamics. The system categories are: fundamentals, physical & chemical systems; bio-molecular & cellular systems; physiological systems; human social and economic systems; engineered systems. Application deadline is August 25. For further information: email:; Web

American Vacuum Society 45th International Symposium, November 2-6, 1998 at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland. Includes technical symposium on Nanometer-scale Science and Technology. "This year's program will emphasize experimental and theoretical advances in understanding atomistic processes, novel measurement techniques, fabrication of small structures, and new applications of devices, all in nanometer sized systems." Additional information:

Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, November 13-15, 1998 at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. An intensive Tutorial on Critical Enabling Technologies for Nanotechnology will be held on November 12. Enabling science and technology, computational models. Contact Foresight, tel 650-917-1122, fax 650-917-1123, email foresight@foresight.orgl; Web:

Annual Conference on Technology & Society: Washington DC vs Silicon Valley, November 19-21, 1998, San Jose, California, sponsored by Cato Institute and Forbes ASAP. Includes "The Future of Computation" by Eric Drexler, "The Politicization of Silicon Valley" by Dan Fylstra. Tel (202) 842-0200, fax (202) 842-3490, email; Web:

Winning through Openness: the Fast Track to Freedom, Privacy, and Software that Works, November 24, 1998, Jefferson Club, Ming's, Palo Alto. Noon lunch talk by Chris Peterson, Foresight Executive Director. Reservations recommended, $20 for lunch and talk. Email; Web:

MRS 1998 Fall Meeting, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 1998, Boston, MA. Sponsored by Materials Research Society. Includes "molecularly engineered" materials for sensors, switches, wires; nonlithographic methods for organizing materials into functional structures; nanotubes and fullerenes. Tel 724-779-3003, fax 724-779-8313, email, Web

Molecular Modelling in THE LARGE: bridging scales in space, time, and complexity. 1998 International Meeting Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society, Dec. 6-10, 1998. San Diego Princess Resort, Mission Bay, San Diego, California. Eric Drexler will give the Capstone Address on Dec 10. A forum for the latest results and methods in visualizing, analyzing and designing systems from pharmaceuticals to materials science, from bioengineering to nanotechnology. Contact: Peggy Graber; 619-784-2526; Web:

IBC's 3rd Annual Biological Approaches and Novel Applications for Molecular Nanotechnology, December 7 & 8, 1998. Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco, CA. Early bird discount: register by Sept. 15, 1998, and save $100. Phone 508-481-6400; fax 508-481-4473; email:; mail: IBC USA COnferences, 225 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772; Web:

The Second International Conference on Integrated Micro/Nanotechnology for Space Applications: "Enabling Technologies for New Space Systems" April 11-15, 1999. The DoubleTree Hotel, Pasadena, California. Sponsored by The Aerospace Corporation, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and The USAF Research Laboratory. Dr. Seymour Feuerstein, phone: 310-336-6000; Dr. Christine Anderson, phone 505-846-6243. Web:

First ELBA-Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, 14 -16 April 1999, Rome, Italy. Conference registration will take place in the evening of 14 April. It is a multidisciplinary meeting on nanotechnology and nanoscalescience, with particular interest on the new experimental results, theoretical and modeling. Contact EL.B.A. Foundation, tel +39-6-35420728, fax +39-6-35451637, email Web:

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From Foresight Update 34, originally published 30 August 1998.