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Foresight Nanotech Update 58 / Spring 2007

A publication of the Foresight Nanotech Institute

Table of Contents

Productive Nanosystems Roadmap Conference
Pathways to atomically-precise nanotechnology to be unveiled October 9-10, 2007, in Arlington, Virginia. Winners of the Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes: Experimental and Theory, the Foresight Institute Prize in Communication, and the Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award will be announced.

Foresight appoints Dr. Pearl Chin President
Broad experience and vision will further Foresight's mission of promoting nanotech's benefits and heading off potential downsides.

Healing and preserving the environment
Progress in nanotechnology already promises near term environmental benefits, but has also raised fears that nanomaterials themselves might harm human health or the environment.

Inside Foresight
A conference, a new President, thanks

Nanoparticle safety
Foresight recommends that governments allocate substantially more funding towards studying the environment, health, and safety implications of nanotechnology.

Manipulating atoms using atom chips
Update interviews Dr. Ron Folman of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev on the use of the quantum properties of atoms to place atoms where you want them.

Anticipating advanced nanotechnology
J. Storrs Hall's book Nanofuture: What's Next for Nanotechnology describes what advanced nanotechnology will be like and how it will transform our lives.

Software control of matter
In the U.K. an "ideas factory" produces three projects aimed at arranging atoms or molecules according to an arbitrary, user-defined blueprint.

Rolling and carrying molecules across surfaces
Two research teams get molecules on surfaces to do machine-like things.

Book Review: Military Nanotechnology
Jürgen Altmann's book Military Nanotechnology: Potential applications and preventive arms control assesses the implications of both near-term nanotechnology and advanced nanotechnology for military systems and for arms control.

Foresight at NSTI
Representing Foresight at the 10th Annual NSTI Nanotech Conference and Trade Show


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