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Foresight Nanotech Update 59 / Winter 2008

A publication of the Foresight Nanotech Institute

Table of Contents

2007 Foresight Nanotech Institute Prize Winners
Foresight Nanotech Institute Feynman Prizes were awarded in the theory category to David A. Leigh of University of Edinburgh, and in the experimental category to J. Fraser Stoddart, Fred Kavli Professor of NanoSystems Sciences, UCLA.The Foresight Institute Prize in Communication was awarded to nanotechnology author and theorist Robert A. Freitas Jr. The Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award was awarded to Fung Suong Ou, a Ph.D. candidate now at Rice University.

Feynman Prize Lectures at Roadmap Conference
Theory winner David A. Leigh lectured on "Motors & Machines at the Molecular Scale".
The Experimental winner J. Fraser Stoddart lectured on the impact of complex organic molecules on the development of molecular nanotechnology.

Inside Foresight by Christine L. Peterson

Productive Nanosystems: Launching the Technology Roadmap
The conference to launch the first version of a new nanoscale technology roadmap directed toward building objects with atomic precision was held October 9 - October 10, 2007, at the DoubleTree Hotel Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. The first session featured Alex Kawczak, Christian Schafmeister, John N. Randall, Keith Firman


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