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  Update: The CritSuite Toolset Project has been completed. This page is now part of an archive of CritSuite web pages. The domain no longer belongs to this project or to Foresight Institute. For current information on CritSuite, please see the site maintained by the author of the software, Ka-Ping Yee:
  Enhancing the World Wide Web: Social Software for the Evolution of Knowledge  

CritLink Mediator Software Demonstrated to Doug Engelbart

Ka-Ping Yee demonstrates his CritLink mediator software to Eric Drexler and to hypertext pioneer Doug Engelbart

    Photo 1    
    Photo 2    
    Photo 3    

Eric Drexler (left) and Doug Engelbart (middle) listen attentively as Ping demonstrates the function
of his CritLink mediator software in adding true hypertext functions to the WWW.


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