James Risberg

James is an apple that will someday fall to the ground and rot, or perhaps be munched by a lucky bird or squirrel! Until then, he is mostly breathing.

He occasionally tells computers what to do, sometimes explains complicated things simply, helps folks use worldbuilding to inform strategy, is pretty good with a chainsaw and loves you very much.

Andra Bria

Andra Bria is a digital product developer, writer and entrepreneur. She runs a product development school ( focused on creating ethical and inclusive technologies. She’s also a part of the Post-Work City project (, an artistic project aimed at encouraging artists and non-artists alike to submit their visions for how the city would look like, in a world where work is not a prerequisite for a living any more. She is interested in the role design plays to help grow the appeal of a richer life with less stuff, in harmony with the environment. 

Boleslav Kerouš

Data analyst and generalist interested in building a better future. Associate at, a VC fund investing globally in companies extending healthy lifespans. Co-founder of, coordination platform aiming to raise awareness about longevity starting in Czechia. Blogging and talking about longevity in Czechia as well. Years of experience working with early startups and attended well-known 500 Startups accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Djordje Devic

Djordje is independent freelancer graphic and web designer. Except freelancing he is also a part of several teams working on artistic and tech projects. Big fan of nature interested in nature/environment conservation.